Q: What is the number for the rejection hotline prankster assistant?

A:You can use 212-201-3517 as a rejection hotline.Read More »

Q: How much pill abortion with medical assistance?

A:Depends on where you live but in the US a medical abortion cost about $450-600. In some states you can get help through Medicaid or there are funds that can hel...Read More »

Q: How do you abort a baby at home without medical assistance?

A:Oh my Gosh!!! Are you just sick. If you are going to do it you need to do it the right way and at least go to a doctor.Read More »

Q: Why are abortions legal but not assisted suicide?

A:Great question! I think it probably has more to do with insurance law than anything else. From an ethical standpoint, the reason might be that some family membe...Read More »

Q: Why is assisted suicide worse than abortion?

A:It's a matter of philosophy really, you ask "Why is assisted suicide worse than abortion?" and the answer is up to the asker. Obviously in your case, you think ...Read More »

abortion assistance hotline

We are here to offer our assistance and resources because we believe. expenses for women who call the NAF Hotline seeking abortion care.
The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is the professional association of abortion providers in North America. We believe that women should .
Note to patients: The Hotline can assist you only through the confidential toll-free number 1-800-772-9100. For reasons of patient confidentiality .
Once you get through, a hotline worker will ask you questions about your income in order to figure out if you are eligible for the discount (that s the income .
When women and girls or their allies call the NRO Hotline, they speak directly with a trained volunteer who can help them get support for abortion healthcare: .
Do you need help paying for your abortion? WMF Helpline: 215.564.6622. If you live in Southeastern Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, .
If you are considering abortion, or have already had an abortion, your call to. your area while the NAF Hotline referral line 1-877-257-0012 provides referrals to.National Network of Abortion Funds: The Network can help people who need .
Popular Q&A

How many abortions can one woman have?
You can have as many as you'd like but in terms of the damage being done to your body that is really an issue of which method you are using. Medical abortions(the abortion pill) are less harmful in a sense because they induce a miscarriage which is more natural to your body while surgical abortions...

Does vietman C really induce misscarriage?
Yes, vitamin c can induce miscarriage. Disclaimer to all - DO NOT try it unless you are willing to deal with the consequences, high doses of vitamin C can cause health problems, and if home abortion fails full medical abortion must be sought or else it's a risk to you and to the unborn baby...

What's to gain by making abortion illegal?
So many ignorant, uninformed souls... Making abortion illegal will NOT make more babies available to be adopted, or teach people about "responsibility." What it will do will be to increase the number of abortions done in secret, risk lives of thousands of women who will still get abortions...

How does the abortion pill work?
Info if you need it . . . . If you go to a Planned Parenthood clinic that has a low-income program it can be as cheap as 100$. If you tells them you have no job, no money and no support (ie no boyfriend or husband) they will likely have you pay the minimum for the procedure and get donations...

Abortion Presentation?
I know this isn't a helpful answer, but I found the post on this website quite an interesting read: I know it's not really about 'pro-choice' or 'pro-life', but it certainly offers another perspective on abortions and makes you reconsider your own...