Q: What is the Purpose for Surgical Aspiration Abortion?

A:To terminate a pregnancy and get the dead fetus out of the uterus so there will be no infection.Read More »

Q: What are your personal experiences with vacuum aspiration abortio...

A:Abortion is killing an innocent life. It sucks out the baby that has a heartbeat (the heartbeat starts at 17 days, so before you even realize you are pregnant) ...Read More »

Q: What are your personal experiences with vacuum aspiration abortio...

A:You have the entire internet at your disposal and this is an inappropriate question to ask to a bunch of pregnant hormonal women that have very strong opinions ...Read More »

Q: Is vacuum aspiration abortion painful?

A:They sedate you.Read More »

Q: Where to find private safe abortion methods, early abortion, abor...

A:Dear Beth, You are not alone - I see many women over 40 who seem to become more fertile, and are in this situation. It is normal not to feel like you want to g...Read More »

abortion aspiration

There are two methods of vacuum aspiration (also called suction aspiration) for an abortion.
Although the number of women in the United States choosing medication abortion (abortion with pills) is increasing each year, aspiration .
Vacuum or suction aspiration uses aspiration to remove uterine contents through the cervix. It may be used as a method of induced abortion, a therapeutic . History - Clinical uses - Procedure - Advantages over dilation and.
There is more than one kind of in-clinic abortion procedure. The most common is called aspiration. It is also known as vacuum aspiration. Aspiration is usually .
Aspiration abortion is a simple, non-surgical procedure to end an early pregnancy. Aspiration abortions take only a few minutes. The procedure is approximately .
Vacuum aspiration awake. You should plan to be at the clinic for 3 hours. Vacuum aspiration uses gentle suction to remove the pregnancy and takes about 5-10 .
Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) – one of the safest medical procedures – is one of several.How is MVA different from other early abortion techniques?
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Abortion is bad because? give me 10 reasons?
Abortion is the deliberate killing of the weakest and most defenseless among us. What motivates an abortionist? What must they think as they slash and tear a baby apart or plunge a knife into its neck? “A Woman’s Right To Choose”. It’s a free country, and I ask you, how could anyone possibly...

Is abortion REALLY murder?
Personally I believe that abortion only becomes murder when the embryo becomes a fetus. At the stages of an embryo I would view that the baby isnt really a human being. Therefore it only gives a timeframe of 12 weeks from conception for me to not class it as murder I can recall going to my...

Whats the latest u can get an abortion?
1) If you don't want to get an abortion, you shouldn't. Nobody should be pressuring you, especially not with ultimatums, and not somebody who supposedly loves you. While abortion can be a fine decision for someone who is okay with it, it can wreak psychological damage if it is something you...

Pro-Choice Supporters: Should we raise the abortion limit to 28 weeks?
no 28 weeks is in the 3rd trimester- if the baby was born at this time there is a good chance of survival. It is undeniably a child by this time. You can feel movement, the baby has senses.

Where can I get a free abortion?
This is easy ^_^ "Where can I get a free abortion?" Why at your local crack house of course. Just get the mother to drink one of their magical potions, the best one is "Baby Begone" located near the toilet with tubes running out of it. Once the "baby carrier" has swallowed the mixture she will...