Q: Abortion = Art?

A:Oh My God, I just read about this on (yeah i know, but its the only thing i read about celebrities) I came upon this story and was just disguste...Read More »

Q: What are ur Views On The Abortion Art Girl?

A:That's gross. I wouldn't be surprised if someone murdered her....the pro-life people take it very seriously....Read More »

Q: Can abortion be art?

A:I am pro-choice, but I have to say this person is a complete wacko. What she did was legal and within her rights, but it was stupid and destructive and insensit...Read More »

Q: Aliza Shvarts Creates 'Abortion' Art and a Controversy

A:Updated on April 18, 8:21 a.m.: The controversy surrounding a Yale University student's abortion themed art project took a strange turn when a university spokes...Read More »

Q: Abortion = Art?

A:"...lined between layers of the sheeting will be the blood from Schvarts' self-induced miscarriages mixed with Vaseline in order to prevent the blood from dryin...Read More »

abortion art

Aliza Shvarts was a Yale University art student who caused major controversy in 2008 for her proposed senior performance art project. Shvarts currently attends . Initial reports - Yale College statement and. - Aftermath - Context and reception
I believed completely in a woman s right to choose, but I didn t know what a brutal choice it was.
some objects exist as complicated layers of wet sediment and bone, ossified indexes of past event punctuated by a palpable sense of things still happening.
A Yale University student s senior art project, which she said documented her bleeding during repeated self-induced abortions, sparked a .
A Yale University student who touched off a campus firestorm with her shocking claims of repeatedly artificially inseminating herself and then .
A Yale student s stunning claims of repeatedly artificially inseminating herself and then taking drugs to induce miscarriages for her senior art .
The entire project is an art piece, a creative fiction designed to draw.Yale Student Induces Miscarriages Ali Shvarts Photo Abortion Art Project .
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I'm on the fence about abortion...convince me of your side?
I oppose the pro-life movement because their morality exists in a vacuum. The best modern example pro-choicers have is the Romanian dictatorship under Nicolae Ceausescu- when he legislated against abortion, motherhood and infant mortality rates skyrocketed. Countries with the lowest rates of...

What is a good attention grabber for the topic anti-abortion violence?
You could point out that any violence against abortionists has been from individuals, rather then members of mainstream pro-life groups. Except in the case of Paul Hill & Jim Kaap, each person who has used violence against abortionists has been a fringe hanger-on.

Abortion. Pro Choice?
Wow Pat! Way to judge. Since when did you grow a vagina to understand what women go through to have an abortion? I am pretty sure that they didn't mean to compare the genocide of millions of people by raving lunatics to people that get abortions. I almost guarantee that there is someone that...

How many abortions take place in one week in the united states?
the number of abortions each year in the USA range from about 800,000 to 1,700,000, though there has been a decline since 2000 due to increased costs. That means there are between 15,300 and 32,700 each week. These are numbers reported to the Centers for Disease Control (Pregnancy can be considered...

Abortion - I am Roman Catholic - answers from not just RC's please..?
Abortion is pre meditated murder from a moral religious point of view. Abortion to anti Christians is a legal right---but those same type of judges said slavery was legal. Biblically babies are a blessing, so when you rip a fetus from a mother they are killing their blessing. Biblically the...