Q: Abortion = Art?

A:Oh My God, I just read about this on (yeah i know, but its the only thing i read about celebrities) I came upon this story and was just disguste...Read More »

Q: What are ur Views On The Abortion Art Girl?

A:That's gross. I wouldn't be surprised if someone murdered her....the pro-life people take it very seriously....Read More »

Q: Can abortion be art?

A:I am pro-choice, but I have to say this person is a complete wacko. What she did was legal and within her rights, but it was stupid and destructive and insensit...Read More »

Q: Aliza Shvarts Creates 'Abortion' Art and a Controversy

A:Updated on April 18, 8:21 a.m.: The controversy surrounding a Yale University student's abortion themed art project took a strange turn when a university spokes...Read More »

Q: Abortion = Art?

A:"...lined between layers of the sheeting will be the blood from Schvarts' self-induced miscarriages mixed with Vaseline in order to prevent the blood from dryin...Read More »

abortion art

Aliza Shvarts was a Yale University art student who caused major controversy in 2008 for her proposed senior performance art project. Shvarts currently attends . Initial reports - Yale College statement and. - Aftermath - Context and reception
I believed completely in a woman s right to choose, but I didn t know what a brutal choice it was.
some objects exist as complicated layers of wet sediment and bone, ossified indexes of past event punctuated by a palpable sense of things still happening.
A Yale University student s senior art project, which she said documented her bleeding during repeated self-induced abortions, sparked a .
A Yale University student who touched off a campus firestorm with her shocking claims of repeatedly artificially inseminating herself and then .
A Yale student s stunning claims of repeatedly artificially inseminating herself and then taking drugs to induce miscarriages for her senior art .
The entire project is an art piece, a creative fiction designed to draw.Yale Student Induces Miscarriages Ali Shvarts Photo Abortion Art Project .
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