Q: Should the US pay for abortions around the world?

A:Nope. This is just another example of the hypocrisy of the Left. They complain about the cost of national security while they hail the cost of so-called "family...Read More »

Q: How many abortions happen around in the world?

A:35 million per year.Read More »

Q: Should Christians who voted for Obama be proud that they played a...

A:No, they should be ashamed. But as for Obama, his first two acts, giving terrorists a get out of jail free card and funding to kill babies...not a good start. P...Read More »

Q: What are the abortion polices in developed countries around the w...

A:The big problem with the debate about what life is and when it starts is that it is quite tricky. For most people life starts at birth, until a Foetus* is aroun...Read More »

Q: How many legal abortions have been performed around the world?

A:Billions and billions. Legal abortions approximately 20-30 million yearly, there are not hard statistics available. Illegal, approximately 10-20 million.Read More »

abortion around the world

Abortion rights around the world – interactive. Continent-wide summaries and country-by-country breakdowns of abortion rights, including .
Polls conducted in 2009 found fewer Americans expressing support for abortion than in previous years. Abortion Around the World Abortion is . In this research package - North America - Latin America - Western Europe
Are abortions on the rise worldwide? Some folks might guess "yes" as a sign of the changing times, but a new study in the Jan. 19 issue of The Lancet found the .
Almost two thirds of the world s women currently reside in countries where. Political movements soon coalesced around the legalization of abortion and . History - International law - National laws - Case law
This chart summarizes the abortion laws of almost every country in the world. The chart indicates when abortion is legal in each country.
Live statistics showing how many abortions are being performed in the world this year.
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What are methodist, baptist, and the salvation army's veiws on abortion?
They all believe the same thing: Get your card stamped with each abortion and after 8 you get a free latte.

Anyone know the Death Toll of Abortions in 2006?
This is a very interesting question. I know in California alone, they perform on average 3,000 abortions a day. Yes, you read that correctly - a DAY. It still boggles my mind that people complain about Iraq, but continue to ignore this.

Do you defend a woman's right to choose an abortion?
I don-t like partial birth abortions

How is an abortion done?
Please do not do it but the information is below. Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, and the doctor knows how many weeks along the pregnancy is, and you have decided to end the pregnancy, the procedure offered typically reflects your stage of gestation. Early abortions can be accomplished...

What are the health effects of abortion?
Common physical symptoms after abortion: *Abdominal pain and cramping *Nausea *Vomiting *Diarrhea *Spotting and Bleeding Potentially more serious physical health risks: *Heavy or persistent bleeding *Infection or sepsis *Damage to the cervix *Scarring of the uterine lining *Perforation of the...