Q: How much do abortions cost in the state of Arizona?

A:Not Medical Advice: Abortions average cost is $400 to $2000 depending on abortion type and weeks of gestation. The average cost as of 2001 was $487.Read More »

Q: What impact will the appointment of Gov Janet Napolitano, have on...

A:As you stated, she will have no effect on abortion rights. The biggest problem we have today is Immigration, and this will be the problem she will inherit. Ther...Read More »

Q: Is abortion illegal in Arizona?

A:No, abortion is legal in all states.Read More »

Q: Are abortions legal in Arizona?

A:yes yes cuz i said so hahahan :) <(")Read More »

Q: How much does an abortion from planned parenthood cost in Arizona...

A:Not Financial Advice: In-Clinic abortion procedures at the Planned Parenthood health centers costs from $350 to $900. Please call them at 800-230-PLAN.Read More »

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Arizona is a trusted health care provider. Learn about pregnancy.
Abortion facts for Arizona.Abortion is a common experience: At current rates, about one in three American women will have had an abortion by the time she .
Abortion clinic in Phoenix, Arizona Camelback Family Planning.
PHOENIX — Once again, Arizona finds itself on the frontier of anti-abortion legislation: Late Monday, it became the first state to pass a law .
Blue Shield of Arizona, Cigna, United Health Care, Tricare, and Health Net. Abortion: Abortion pill up to 10 weeks and surgical abortion up to 23 weeks of .
But that s not the most extreme abortion policy Democrats support.only two Democratic votes (22 against) in the entire Arizona legislature.
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Is it true that Obama voted to not feed babies that were born alive after an abortion effort failed?
It was actually more than just feeding babies that survived late term abortions. It was called the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act. It was a bill to require medical care be given to babies that were born alive despite a late-term abortion attempt. He voted against it twice in the Illinois...

Is this legal (abortion)?
I believe there are laws regarding the disposal of "medical waste," which means the doctor must dispose of it in a certain prescribed manner. PS I believe "medical waste" is the legal definition, and i am not commenting on whether it is the right definition.

Abortion verses the death penalty?
The main difference between the unborn being killed and criminals being killed is opportunity. Criminals by nature have been allowed to interact with society and make choices. These criminals have chosen to take advantage of society (that is why they are criminals). In the case of the unborn...

What are the bad things about abortion?
With all the bad things associated with abortion, the good will always outweigh the bad. We are very fortunate to have abortion available, since many women throughout the world and in the past have not had this right. As far as bad: The procedure itself isn't pleasant. There is a chance of...