Q: Planned Parenthood - Abortion Appointment?

A:Hi Michael, If your interested I know of a place that helps moms financially with the pregnancy and housing too! They help you either keep your baby OR Adopt hi...Read More »

Q: What does planned parenthood charge for a two week post abortion ...

A:It depends, as far as I know when I worked there they did not charge anything for a post abortion appointment if you were seen there for your abortion. The easi...Read More »

Q: Should I go back for post abortion appointment

A:yes, you did a surgery so seeing a doctor after a certain amount of time is always a good thing. Take careRead More »

Q: What % of women who make an appointment for an abortion show up f...

A:I've gotta admit, these answers are completely my opinion, I don't have much to back them up. Someone who has worked in many women's health centers would know ...Read More »

Q: How long does it take to get an appointment to have an abortion?

A:That totally depends on where you go and how biog the area that particular clinic has to cover. In the US more and more clinics close down and the few that are ...Read More »

abortion appointment

However, the abortion appointment will last 3-5 hours and will include paperwork , blood draw, laboratory tests on blood and urine, ultrasound examination, .
The next stage is an assessment appointment at the clinic or hospital where the abortion will be carried out. At this appointment, the doctor or nurse will explain .
Most people calling for abortion information or appointments are a bit nervous, even scared. Well-trained staff at a quality clinic knows this and work hard to .
Alternatively you can make an appointment with your own GP or family planning service, who will be able to explain what abortion services are available locally, .
Make Abortion Appointment Online at Heritage Clinic for Women abortion clinic in Michigan.
We can arrange a flexible appointment for you with minimum waiting time. (Abortion)- (Female Sterilisation / Vasectomy)- 0845 .
Cabbagetown Women s Clinic, Q: What happens when I come to the clinic for my appointment? A: The following is the sequence of events once you come for .
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Cramping after an abortion is totally normal- you're uterus is basically "resetting" and that is often uncomfortable. Unless you start to have some other symptoms (such as the heavy bleeding, or fever, that you mentioned), you shouldn't really worry. (I know, that's a lot easier to say than...

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If you aren't mature enough to handle a situation like this, it's time for you to not have sex. No Abortion though that's stupid, I understand its your choice, but killing your baby because of YOUR wrong doings it selfish and ignorant.

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I think your best bet is to talk to a counselor at Planned Parenthood. I don't know your age, but if you have a close relationship with a parent, you may want to discuss it at home. This is a very weighty decision, not to be taken lightly. I am very much pro-choice and I don't think anyone...

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