Q: What happens if you don't continue with the home abortion antibio...

A:Not sure what you mean since there is nothing called home abortions. However if you´ve had an abortion and takes antibiotics you have to continue or you can bec...Read More »

Q: What are some Antibiotics for abortion?

A:Antibiotics will not make you abort.Read More »

Q: What are some of the names of the antibiotics given after an abor...

A:Lisa, They can really vary and often depends on your medical history, allergic reactions and the use (what type of abortion did you get, what is the risk of inf...Read More »

Q: What kind of antibiotic are you given during an abortion?

A:You will probably be given Cipro or Flagyl.Read More »

Q: What are the antibiotics they give you after an abortion?

A:If you haven't already, don't get the abortion. You have a growing life inside of you. If you don't want to keep the baby, give it up for adoption. Just don't a...Read More »

abortion antibiotics

You will be given Metronidazole (2 tablets taken in the clinic) and Azithromycin (4 tablets to take at home). Sometimes we give you different antibiotics .
Infection of the upper genital tract, including the uterus and fallopian tubes, can cause complications after induced abortion. Antibiotics given around the time of .
Perioperative use of antibiotics appears to prevent infection in first-trimester abortion, but adequate data are not available on the most appropriate antibiotic .
Medical excuses are provided if needed. 5. Do finish all the antibiotics even if you feel fine. 6. Do follow all instructions for taking care of yourself after an abortion .
An abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy so that it does not. You may be given antibiotics to stop an infection from occurring after the abortion.
Objective: To define a standard protocol for antibiotic prophylaxis at the time of induced abortion. Data source and selection: Our working group reviewed the .
Just before, antibiotics are given to prevent infection. A medicine.After an abortion, it is normal to feel relief, sadness, grief, or guilt. Hormonal .
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