Q: How many of you are pro abortion or anti abortion ?

A:Anti-abortion. Here's why: Photos of Abortions, Including 1st Trimester Abortions:… A Four-Minute, Must-See Video on Ab...Read More »

Q: How is that Republicans are both anti abortion and anti contracep...

A:Most Republicans (thank goodness! are okay with contraception. It's a handful of extremists who are completely anti-contraception, like Rick Santorum. Although ...Read More »

Q: What is anti-abortion?

A:Anti-abortion is when someone, or a group of people, disagree with abortion and think it is wrong and shouldn't be allowed. Often, they believe this for religio...Read More »

Q: What is anti abortion?

A:There are people who oppose the practice of abortion, for various political, philosophical, or religious reasons. That means they are anti abortion. They like t...Read More »

Q: How can anti-abortion advocates think a fertilized egg is a "pers...

A:Biology is generally not amenable to the bright-line distinctions that we feel most comfortable with in thinking about the world. The question of when exactly l...Read More »

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Abortion is never a mere personal choice but a grave offense against God and His creation. The anti-abortion struggle has always been a religious battle and .
The left makes a first-principles defense of abortion rights regardless of its consequences, but is hostile to individual autonomy on nearly every .
Anti-abortion movements are involved in the abortion debate and advocate against both the practice of abortion and its legality. Modern anti-abortion .
The United States pro-life movement (also known as the United States anti- abortion movement or the United States right-to-life movement) is a social and .
NRLC urges Senate to retain "Hyde" provision in anti-trafficking bill ·- National Right to Life.Kansas Becomes First State to Enact Dismemberment Abortion Ban.
Priests for Life offers support and information on pro life and anti abortion. Find facts and arguments against abortion and pro-life pros and cons.
save babies and moms, and make abortion UNTHINKABLE: Donate above.or .UNICEF: Examine UNICEF s anti-life, anti-family, population control attitudes.
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5 weeks pregnant need abortion advice please?
you can be have a pill abortion at this stage - the pill method is available up to 8 or 9 weeks of pregnancy and is a lot less traumatic for you,it will be just like a really heavy,painful take 2 pills,24-48 hours apart.the earlier you go,the easier it is to obtain an abortion you...

South Carolina abortion-minor?
I dont think so but to be sure just call the clinic and make sure 100 against abortion ut please just take a deap breath and think about this before you let it go and i know u didnt ask for opinions because us women should be able to do whatever we want but it would be better to give it up...

Abortion laws in california?
As far as I can tell, in California, a minor can seek an abortion without parental permission. As far as I'm concerned, all pregnant minors should be able to seek an abortion without parental permission. It is their life that is affected and teenagers often have values or beliefs different...

It hurts my heart to hear all these girls on the pregnancy forums considering abortion.?
I totally understand. This is a very sensitive issue for many women. We have been trying to have a baby for over five years, and I have lost four precious babies to miscarriage. :( It absolutely breaks my heart that girls are taking the abortion route, as there are so many wonderful families...

Does anyone have an interesting real-life story to tell?
You can write my story. (its very long) my dad was having an affair before I was born, then my mom separated from him when I was 4 years old. My mom went to live with my grandmother which was a very pessimistic and oppressive person. I wanted so desperately to have a happy family and see my...