Q: How much does an abortion cost under anesthesia?

A:If it was me I would not let them use the drug. Versed ( Midazolam ) for the procedure. In fact, many people who use Versed for " IV Sedation,Conscious Sedation...Read More »

Q: Why do you need anesthesia for an abortion?

A:it is like a D&C, which is a bit uncomfortable. Scraping the uterus walls. Plus I dont think the doctors like patients to hear what is going on in case of a mis...Read More »

Q: Is the anesthesia during an abortion effective?

A:Yes, just like during any other surgical procedure.Read More »

Q: Anesthesia code for missed abortion procedure?

A:It's 01965 (Anesthesia for incomplete or missed abortion procedures)Read More »

Q: Do girls getting an abortion go under anesthesia

A:Not Medical Advice: Yes. There are several types of anesthesia used for surgical abortion. The clinic determines which type of anesthesia is right for you.Read More »

abortion anesthesia

Both first and second trimester surgical abortions can be performed with various types of anesthesia – local anesthesia, intravenous (IV) sedation, and general .
Surgical abortion, especially in the first trimester is one of the safest outpatient procedure there is.Most patients are given general anesthesia for their abortion .
Anesthesia is an important part of your abortion procedure. To help you decide which anesthesia is best for you please read the following facts about your .
Various methods of anesthesia are administered to help to control pain and discomfort during a surgical abortion. A first trimester surgical abortion can be .
Where available, patients opting for general anesthesia will be totally asleep for their abortion. Just as with a pap smear, the doctor will use a speculum to hold .
Fred Thomas, who carried the Montana fetal anesthesia bill, the new laws are about.That analysis is disputed by abortion foes, however.
First Trimester Abortion: Vacuum Aspiration (4.6—12 weeks).An abortion with local anesthesia feels differently to different women- therefore some women feel .
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