Q: Is abortion proportionalism, utilitarianism or natural law?

A:Kind of a mixture between utilitarianism and natural law I'd say. There are many reasons people seek abortion. Usually what it comes down to is that they know c...Read More »

Q: Why do our intuitions about the morality/legality of abortion sup...

A:Everyone would prefer if no moral consequences attached to the things they want to do. Or calories to the things they want to eat. Alas, it's not so. So, there ...Read More »

Q: What advise would a utilitarian give a pregnant teen that wants a...

A:Depends on what life the teen would have by having the baby. If it would be like today in the US with the majority quit school, not go to college, ending up on ...Read More »

Q: To what extent is Utilitarianism a useful method of making decisi...

A:Well let's see the greatest good for the greatest number - does the foetus (UK spellin) have the same claim to happiness as a fully formed person such as it's m...Read More »

Q: Utilitarianism and Kantianism applied to abortion.

A:I'm not sure where you get this. A Kantian presumably would say that no one should adopt a rule for themselves regarding abortion that could not also be a unive...Read More »

abortion and utilitarianism

Abortion. This essay is an analysis of abortion in utilitarian terms. Compared to some writings on abortion, it is very short. And it is short for good reason: .
Utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is teleological, concerned with ends or outcomes. Utilitarians would ask whether having an abortion brings about the greatest good. Utilitarianism - Kant - Natural Law - Situation Ethics
Ethical issues include Abortion, Euthanasia, Genetic Engineering, War, Infertility .Bentham s Hedonic Calculus makes Utilitarianism the easiest ethical theory to .
If abortion caused more general misery than happines (and this might be the case if a majority is dismayed by it), a utilitarian would have to .
On Singer s Utilitarian Argument about Abortion. Richmond Journal of Philosophy 17 (Spring 2008). Keith Crome. Is Peter Singer s Utilitarian Argument about .
Its provisions allowed an abortion to take place if two doctors agreed that. the mother s life is.Utilitarianism is a teleological approach to ethics. They would say .
In this case there are several different factors that contribute to the decision to have an abortion. First you have the four children that already .
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What is a good start to an argumentative paper on abortion?
Look up the following fallacies: begging the question (or circular reasoning), group think, and all or nothing thinking. Look up Thomas Jefferson's Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom: James Madison's separation of church and state: http://candst...

Do people really vote based on someone's stance on abortion?
I will base my vote on whether or not abortion is their main platform. There are more pressing problems in this country than if a woman can legally get an abortion.

Does tricare pay for surgical abortions?
99% sure they do not pay! I can not believe you would abort a baby for this reason. Go active anyway I do believe they will let you even if you are pregnant. Just speak to a recruiter on this situation.

What is the farthest along you can be, before getting an abortion?
Actually in the U.S its 24 weeks also, just it costs more if your around 24 weeks. Also the procedure will take longer than say an abortion at 6-8 weeks.

When 92% of women who walk into Planned Parenthood pregnant and walk out not pregnant, why did Obama?
Actually, from their Annual Report 2011-2012 the figure for percentage of services that include abortions is 3%. You qualify for a "Liar, liar, pants on fire sticker."