Q: Why is Abortion against the law?

A:it isnt against the law but heres why i think its wrong if u were the baby, and ur mommy who brought u into the world wanted to have u killed, is it YOUR fault?...Read More »

Q: Should abortion be the law?

A:What should be the law is to keep religion out of birth control. When Christian missionaries teach people that birth control is a sin and that condoms that coul...Read More »

Q: What are abortion laws in Texas?

A:Statutory Definition of Illegal Abortion: 1) Destroys the vitality or life of child in birth or before (which otherwise would have been born alive) 2) operating...Read More »

Q: What are the abortion laws in the UK?

A:You can read about the abortion laws of the United Kingdom here; More »

Q: What Is the Law on Abortion in the UK?

A:Before the Reformation, abortion cases in Britain were dealt with by the Catholic Church's Ecclesiastical Courts. Following the Reformation, however, abortion p...Read More »

abortion and the law

Abortion is legal in the UK up to 24 weeks under the Abortion Act 1967. However, if there is a substantial risk to the woman s life or foetal abnormalities, there is .
The law states that any doctor with a moral objection doesn t have to certify a woman for an abortion. But they must recommend another doctor who is willing to . Abortion - How it is performed - Abortion: your options - Abortion - Reasons
C.L. "Butch" Otter signed both bills into law.HB 465 would make several changes to the state s abortion law, and effectively bar two state .
Abortion law is legislation and common law which prohibits, restricts or otherwise regulates the availability of abortion. Abortion has been a controversial subject .
Summary of abortion laws that arguably limit a woman s right to have an abortion, including counseling requirements, waiting periods, and gestational limits.
have constructed a lattice work of abortion law, codifying, regulating and limiting .The following table highlights the major provisions of these state laws.
For clinics and abortion provider information interstate, click here. Abortion is the subject of criminal law in all Australian states and territories, .
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How to go about getting an abortion?
I'm absolutly against abortion, but I know you aren't looking for someone to judge you..So I'll try and help. BUT are you absolutely sure you want to do this? Why isn't adoption an answer? There are tons of families who want to adopt .. Remember abortion is painful for the mom physically and...

This is like saying, "I'm totally against child abuse. I hate child abuse. I loathe child abuse. I believe child abuse is wrong and would NEVER EVER EVER EVER abuse a child. But I AM prochoice because I don't think the government or anyone for that matter has the right to control my body...

Question about Abortion? 1 in 3 women, really?
Sadly those statistics are indeed true. Many women do not admit to it. It's a terrible thing, but I am sympathetic to SOME that decide to get it. I have had 2 abortions, one was medically necessary. It was an ectopic pregnancy. The first one that I had was a personal choice when I was 16. I...

Abortion being the negative thing that it is: why hasn't it been taxed. ?
I found this article to be quite amusing, Vitter, the one caught with a prostitute is the author of this bit of right wing fundamentalist garbage. You will note that federal law clearly prohibits its money for use for abortions. But it can go to fund contraceptives and general women's health...

Anyone know where Abortion Clinic are near Grayslake IL?
Near North Center, 1200 LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60610. Their ph# is 312-266-1033. It is about 35 miles from Grayslake.