Q: Why is abortion against the church teaching?

A:It is because abortion is similar to murder; and murdering is a mortal sin. It does not mean that because the fetus is unborn, it is not alive. From the moment ...Read More »

Q: Homeless children, abortion and the church?

A:Great Question. Given that most money given to churches is spent on building upkeep and member services like donuts, how much money are Christians willing to ad...Read More »

Q: Does your Abortion Clinic support Church Rights?

A:yeah , it gives me freedom of religion. i'm agnostic and thats ok with my abortion clinicRead More »

Q: What makes abortion legal in the Catholic Church?

A:Aborting a live fetus is never legal according to the Catholic church. Not even when the mothers life is in danger. There are many reports that in Catholic hosp...Read More »

Q: What is the church's views on abortion?

A:Hi Charlotte, Thank you for your question. Here is a quote taken from the General Conference website: "Abortion, the intentional termination of an established p...Read More »

abortion and the church

Church Has Always Condemned Abortion By Fr. William Saunders. The Roman Catholic Church has consistently condemned abortion — the direct and .
The Catholic Church opposes all forms of abortion procedures whose direct purpose is to destroy an embryo, blastocyst, zygote or foetus, since it holds that .
The Catholic Church has always condemned abortion as a grave evil. Christian writers from the first-century author of the Didache to Pope John Paul II in his .
When Jackie sent an email to her church asking about its post-abortion recovery group, she used an alias and created a new account to hide .
“The Church opposes abortion and counsels its members not to submit to or perform an abortion except in the rare cases where, in the opinion of competent .
2271 Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable.
The Catholic Church opposes and condemns any and all direct abortions. Even pregnancies that result from rape, incest, and present a danger to the life of the .
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Is abortion allow by law if fetus is found to be of dow syndrome or any mental or physical problem?
Women aren't asked why they seek an abortion, so in that sense, it's allowed by virtue of not being disallowed.

7 weeks pregnant, with partner, want abortion!!?
If you go to a Planned Parenthood clinic that has a low-income program it can be as cheap as 115$. If you tells them you have no job, no money and no support they will likely have you pay the minimum for the procedure and get donations to cover the rest. 1-800-230-PLAN (1-800-230-7526) to find...

Parent consent on abortion?
Alabama The Law: Requires that one of your parents give permission for your abortion. Judicial Bypass - Yes. Alaska The Law: Currently, you do not need parent permission to have an abortion. However, there is a law which requires girls younger than 17 to get permission from one parent to have...

Until what week/trimester is abortion legal?
Abortion laws are determined by individual states, not by the national government. I live in ohio and it used to be that the abortion pill was legal up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. They just passed a new law in jan. Which now lessens it to 7 weeks. They are also trying to make the heart beat law...

Why are late abortions LEGAL???
I totally agree. My twins were born at 27 1/2 weeks and after a month in the NICU, came home happy and healthy. There were babies in the hospital born earlier than they were that were doing pretty well. It's seriously sickening. You can't even justify it at that point by saying it's not really...