Q: Abortion And Stem Cell Research?

A:@blissdds.. interesting arguement you make, however a person on life support in the hospital is not infringing on anyone else's constitutional rights. The same ...Read More »

Q: Abortion and Stem Cell research?

A:I love these uninformed answers. 1. An abortion is when the zygote, foetus, or blastocyst is removed from the uterus. It is no baby. It has no nervous system, c...Read More »

Q: Does Barack Obama support abortion for stem-cell research?

A:It is a myth that the president wants to see abortion for stem cell research. There is no evidence that he holds such a belief. Further, it is also untrue that ...Read More »

Q: Can they use stem cells from aborted babies for stem cell researc...

A:Yes, the can. There is a controversial stem-cell therapy where umbi... ...MORE...Read More »

Q: How many babies are aborted for stem cell research?

A:if you are talking about water it is called a tsunami that could knock you into a brick wall or a wall that could make you either die or get unconsious.Read More »

abortion and stem cell research

I m opposed to abortion. Do embryonic stem cell lines . How does CIRM ensure that the. - Where do the embryos come from.
Opposition to abortion and opposition to embryonic stem cell research go hand in hand.
Opponents of abortion rights are touting a recent study as proof human embryos are needed to perform stem cell research. The use of stem cells taken from .
Fact sheet on embryonic stem cell research.A Risk to Avoid: Abortion s Link to Breast Cancer ·- Sacrificed without consent: Taking from the unborn, ending .
CBHD s view is that because human embryonic stem cell research necessitates .However, if the abortion of fetuses is the means by which fetal stem cells are .
Regardless of their views about the legality of abortion, most Americans think that having an abortion is a moral issue. By contrast, the public is .
Stem cells are the body s universal cells- which have the potential to develop into more.created in the laboratory (as well as from the ovaries of aborted infants). .Embryonic stem cell research involves the destruction of the human embryo.
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Are abortions legal in Germany?
Until 3rd month it?s simple and easy. You have to go to one of several public organisations to be adviced. You even can tell them that you dot need advice, that you just want the paper. The paper proofs that you was there. The abortion can be done wherever you want. There are even specialized...

Can drinking malta cause an abortion?
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If Roe V. Wade had never happened....what percentage of America would be Black today? Does abortion=genocide?
The American abortion movement is grounded in the Eugenics movement embraced by, among others, Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) and Adolph Hitler, and for the same reason - to rid the world of "inferior" people - in Margarets view, that was Blacks (which is why, still today,...

Why do people think abortion is wrong?
People who are anti-abortion are only that way because they feel like they have to impose their judgement and morals to try and control other people. If this were not the case, they would be against ALL abortions, even in cases of rape or incest. Saying the abortion procedure is murder in one...

Should taxpayers pay for abortion?
No. This is ethical, moral, and spiritual. Unfortunately, yes, we have paid for war and lost lives. All lives are important. If someone gets an abortion, that's their choice. Not mine. I don't want to pay for someone else's choice that is against my choice!