Q: Abortion And Stem Cell Research?

A:@blissdds.. interesting arguement you make, however a person on life support in the hospital is not infringing on anyone else's constitutional rights. The same ...Read More »

Q: Abortion and Stem Cell research?

A:I love these uninformed answers. 1. An abortion is when the zygote, foetus, or blastocyst is removed from the uterus. It is no baby. It has no nervous system, c...Read More »

Q: Does Barack Obama support abortion for stem-cell research?

A:It is a myth that the president wants to see abortion for stem cell research. There is no evidence that he holds such a belief. Further, it is also untrue that ...Read More »

Q: Can they use stem cells from aborted babies for stem cell researc...

A:Yes, the can. There is a controversial stem-cell therapy where umbi... ...MORE...Read More »

Q: How many babies are aborted for stem cell research?

A:if you are talking about water it is called a tsunami that could knock you into a brick wall or a wall that could make you either die or get unconsious.Read More »

abortion and stem cell research

I m opposed to abortion. Do embryonic stem cell lines . How does CIRM ensure that the. - Where do the embryos come from.
Opposition to abortion and opposition to embryonic stem cell research go hand in hand.
Opponents of abortion rights are touting a recent study as proof human embryos are needed to perform stem cell research. The use of stem cells taken from .
Fact sheet on embryonic stem cell research.A Risk to Avoid: Abortion s Link to Breast Cancer ·- Sacrificed without consent: Taking from the unborn, ending .
CBHD s view is that because human embryonic stem cell research necessitates .However, if the abortion of fetuses is the means by which fetal stem cells are .
Regardless of their views about the legality of abortion, most Americans think that having an abortion is a moral issue. By contrast, the public is .
Stem cells are the body s universal cells- which have the potential to develop into more.created in the laboratory (as well as from the ovaries of aborted infants). .Embryonic stem cell research involves the destruction of the human embryo.
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Wouldn't agree with it, really, but if women were paid money for continuing an unexpected pregnancy they would have otherwise aborted and then giving adopting the baby out, it would probably put a huge slash in the number of abortions performed. Surrogates, depending on where they live, are...

B. Ayer's bombings never fataly wounded anyone.If Reagan or any Rep associated w/abortion clinic bombers...?
Actually, a policeman died in the bombing in San Francisco. There has only been ONE abortion clinic bomber, and it turned out that he was mentally ill, not a Republican...just a sick man. When you take the left turn at Albequerque, and get back to reality, shoot me an email. I'll put a pot...

Guiliani said that Ronald Reagan raised taxes, voted for abortion, and voted for amnesty. Is this correct?
I do not believe Reagan ever voted for abortion or for amnesty. He was never in a legislature or congress. Here you go:It was in 1967 that the California legislature passed The Therapeutic Abortion Act, Health and Safety Code. Governor Reagan signed it. It was "sold" as a compassionate law...

Christians- with this Kansas law.....?
This is a bad thing. A woman should not be punished for the wrong doing of others. Comparing rape to a flat tire and abortion to a spare tire is highly offensive. That representative should be ashamed of him/herself. Personally I do not think abortions performed before a certain threshold are...

What MEDICAL reasons do women seek abortions?
ectopic pregnancy need to have urgent surgery that is not required with pregnancy Serious life threatening pre-eclampsia Serious onset of diabetes Baby is deformed to the degree it wont survive out of the womb (e.g no lungs visible, no kidneys, no brain, half a brain etc..) Conjoined twins...