Q: How is abortion sociologically important?

A:There is a great treatise on this issue in the book Freakonomics. You should read it. It suggests that the crime rate dropped significantly exactly 2 decades af...Read More »

Q: Need help with Paper about Abortion, for Sociology class..?

A:I was a sociology major but it's been a year or so since my last soc class and I have the worst memory on specific terminology w/o my notes, but hopefully this ...Read More »

Q: How does abortion relate to the following fields anthropology soc...

A:Simple: Abortion is an act with meaning and significance - different cultures will approach it differently. The meaning and significance will vary from culture ...Read More »


A:A persons views about abortion speak a lot about the society he lives in. The social values, the upbringing, the value he attaches to life decides how much he g...Read More »

Q: What sociological factors influence a woman's decision tohave an ...

A:Studies have shown that "socioeconomic status was the best predictor of abortion..." Females of lo...Read More »

abortion and sociology

1 How Sociologists. View Social Problems: The Abortion Dilemma. Listen to Chapter 1 on MySocLab. Learning Objectives. After reading this chapter, you should .
The findings, which appear in the journal Sociological Science, point to a previously unexplored divide on the abortion issue: differences in .
Blackwell Reference Online is the largest academic online reference library giving instant access to the most authoritative and up-to-date scholarship across the .
Abortion and Mental Health: Sociological Perspectives. Carole Joffe, PhD. U. California, San Francisco. Faculty Disclosure. Carole Joffe, PhD has no financial .
Contemporary. Sociology 1979, Vol. 8 (November): 825-836. Sociology and Abortion: Legacies and Strategies*. JONATHAN. B. IMBER. St. Lawrence University.
"A groundbreaking account of how movements for and against abortion have. Deana A. Rohlinger is an associate professor in the department of sociology and .
In the last month many polls have focused on Americans views on abortion, yet the Gallup poll released on May 15, 2009, got the most .
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Are there more gun crimes or abortions in America every year?
United States Abortions Total Abortions per year: 1.2 million Abortions per day: 3,288 Abortions per hour: 137 9 abortions every 4 minutes 1 abortion every 26 seconds United States, annual deaths resulting from firearms total 2011: 32,1635 2010: 31,6726 2009: 31,347 2008: 31,593 2007: 31,224...

How much does an abortion cost at planned parenthood in virginia beach virginia?
The cost of abortions can vary, but it's often between $300-600 for early and uncomplicated abortions. Should you ever need one and the cost would prevent you from getting one, there are funds that can help you afford it. It's *possible* that you're pregnant, but it's very, very unlikely. Pre-come...

Cost of second trimester abortion?
It's very unlikely you'll get a 2nd trimester abortion just cos you don't want to be a parent. It's a very late decision, you already have a perfectly formed, just very tiny, human being inside you. At this stage adoption is the best option. If there is a medical problem with the baby then...

What are the abortion stats?
I've looked for stats on sites not affiliated with either side. They are hard to find I usually rely on EDIT is a prolife site but uses non-prolife sites, like planned parenthood, for their statistics. They have the links...

How can God be anti-abortion when He's pro-infanticide?
The idea that the Judeo-Christian/Islamic god is against abortion is a VERY recent development in Christian History. Until the 1970's, it wasn't a "Sin" to abort a pregnancy, the bible gives a specific procedure by which a man can force an abortion on his wife, and even the founding fathers...