Q: How are abortion and slavery the same?

A:Neither party has a choice in the matter. Slaves and unborn babies lives are decided by someone else.Read More »

Q: Is abortion the slavery issue of this era?

A:History Update: The Civil War is over and the slaves were freed. Abortion is not an issue. Roe v. Wade was settled by the Supreme Court in 1963. The outcome, ve...Read More »

Q: Is abortion wrong? Slavery

A:I personally don't think abortion is wrong when it is NOT used as a form of birth control. I'm curious though, you ask a question about abortion but the title o...Read More »

Q: Why do people compare abortion to slavery?

A:I asked a question earlier, and this guy says if you support abortion, then logically you must support slavery. At the heart of this, I believe "true" life begi...Read More »

Q: Where can I read the full story about the Shocking Comparison Bet...

A:The full story can be viewed at the voicemagazine website or you can browse it below. Shocking Comparison Between Black Slavery and Abortion BY DAY GARDNER MORE...Read More »

abortion and slavery

Analogies between slavery and abortion are frequent in American politics. In his recent decision in Planned Parenthood v. Abbott (2013) .
If abortion is like slavery—indeed, if abortion is the most divisive issue since slavery—then what of the women who suffered under slavery?
The pro-aborts squawk endlessly about how "inappropriate" the analogy between abortion and slavery is. They also snivel about parallels between the Nazi .
Whenever a pro-lifer dares to compare abortion to slavery, pro-aborts go apoplectic. Candor about abortion s horror is a major no-no, and .
The same arguments used to support slavery are now being used to support abortion. Pro-abortion advocates are constantly trying to say that it is a personal .
Anti-abortion activists jumped on the zeitgeist bandwagon, comparing abortion to slavery in order to sell their crusade as a moral absolute on .
I have heard many people cry foul whenever any pro-lifer uses the Jewish Holocaust or slavery in America as a comparison to abortion. Many times at my talks .
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just because you couldn't be a good dad doesn't mean there isn't a family that would love to give the child a chance at life. Your money should cover the costs. use double protection next time...i mean, what if it happens again? Another abortion?

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You can go to a planned parenthood or try looking in the yellow pages in your phone book under abortion providers.

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** -->> To everyone who said "check your facts-" Check this: (Snopes is deeply-connected with the Obama administration and campaign)

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