Q: Has nothing to do with abortion, bush, race, or the hurricane?

A:Knock yourself out. You are entitled to your opinion. But I hope you take some time and listen to what Romney actually says he'll do. First off, there isn't muc...Read More »

Q: Does anyone know the stats on the public's opinion on abortion by...

A:… all the info here... race and income While white women obtain 60% of all abortions, their abortion rate is well below ...Read More »

Q: What is the main race that gets an abortion?

A:Abortions and ethnicity. Abortions are much more common among minority women in the U.S. In 2000-2001, the rates among black and Hispanic women were 49 per 1,00...Read More »

Q: What race of women have the abortions?

A:All races have abortions.Read More »

Q: Which race has the most abortions?

A:Approximately 60% the majority, of abortions are performed by people of the WhiteRead More »

abortion and race

For decades, abortion has disproportionately targeted minority babies.
Largely missing from the debate, though, is discussion of abortion s racial disparity: Although rates among Hispanic and African-American .
ABORTION BY RACE. • Blacks comprise only 13% of the population of America but account for 37% of all abortions. • Black women are five times more likely to .
Legal Abortions by Race of Woman Who… Reported Legal Abortions by Race of Woman Who Obtained Abortion by the State of Occurrence. change indicator .
Test your knowledge on contraception, pregnancy, abortion and teens with the. What is the racial or ethnic background of U.S. women who have abortions?
Not surprisingly, the variation in abortion rates across racial and ethnic groups relates directly to the variation in the unintended pregnancy rates across those .
41 million persons. It would be 35 percent larger than it is. Abortion has swept through the Black community like a scythe, cutting down every fourth member."
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Is there a free abortion clinic in springfield missouri?
Katherine W. gave some good advice. Also, if you don’t have the money for an abortion, there are organizations that can help you pay for one. But you do have to pay something. See: Also, some clinics give discounts. See: http://www.fundabortionnow...

Did your first pregnancy result in an abortion?
Technically speaking a miscarriage is an abortion. By definition an abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. So a miscarriage is a "spontaneous abortion" in medical terms. So those saying "no I miscarried" actually their answer should be "yes"

How many women died from coat hanger abortions before Roe V Wade?
Excellent question! That is a classic, pro-abortion straw man argument. It is much like the argument that abortion is necessary because of instances where the doctor has to decide between the life of the mother an the life of the infant. Anyone care to post some statistics in that regard? Or...

Abortion? 24 weeks? Opinions? (warning:graphic picture) One picture should be 1000 words. Late term abortions are a travesty- anyone who wants to use the 'health of the mother' as an argument to condone the legality of late-term abortions completely ignore and side-step the...

Weight loss after abortion?
right away! it wont take long about a week or two. when i had one i was about 11 weeks and after i got it done, the weight came off right away!