Q: What is the psychological effect of abortion on women?

A:Most women actually feel RELIEF after having an abortion -- NOT regret. Contrary to what most ignorant pro-lifers would have you believe, not all abortions auto...Read More »

Q: What are the psychological effects of having an abortion?

A:On who? What is their background? Culture? Family Life? Religious hang ups? Self-esteem? What part of the country are they from? they're all different for each ...Read More »

Q: Also, what are the psychological effects of undergoing an abortio...

A:Hi, Dee, About the sharp learning curve, I should say so! :) The Muslim culture is a particularly difficult one for people who are not part of it, especially wo...Read More »

Q: What psychological effects do women get after having an abortion?

A:It is normal for a woman to experience a range of emotions after an abortion, such as relief, sadness, happiness and feelings of loss. Each woman is unique. Man...Read More »

Q: How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Psychological Tests.

A:1. Consider what the test purports to measure. Tests such as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory are designed to help a therapist diagnose a persona...Read More »

abortion and psychological effects

The emotional side effects of an abortion will vary from one woman to another. Some women report a sense of relief after having an abortion. The reasons for .
3) Women who have had abortions are significantly more likely than.PTSD is a psychological dysfunction which results from a traumatic .
the emotional effects of abortion that had been published in English between . Most of the studies in the AMRC s rigorous, systematic review were .
All of these may lead to variability in women s psychological reactions following abortion. Consequently, global statements about the psychological impact of .
Their combined results paint a haunting picture of physical and psychological damage among millions of women who have undergone abortions.
Koop apparently was referring to the effects of abortion on mental health, because his letter essentially dismissed any doubts about the physical safety of the .
Combine the emotions of relief and deep sadness and what sort of emotional cocktail do you get?.The impact an abortion can have on a woman s overall life .
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