Q: What does McCain say about abortion, energy, poverty....?

A:Abortion : restrict late term abortions Energy : offshore drilling, nuclear power Poverty : not much Illegal Immigration : tighten border Environment : Promote ...Read More »

Q: If the main argument for pro-choice is that abortions help povert...

A:First, that is an argument, but not necessarily the main argument for having an abortion. Here is the quote you're referring to in your link: "Who's having abor...Read More »

Q: What about other issues like poverty, abortion, and the war? Do y...

A:Yes I do. First of all, the spiraling down of the Bush Administration has born out of the fact that some of these diversions were exactly that-diversions. Peopl...Read More »

Q: What makes something a wedge issue? Why is abortion a wedge issue...

A:A wedge issue is one that is designed for the express purpose of energizing a political base. It used to be that the idea of politics in America was to try to a...Read More »

Q: Why are Catholic bishops and priests so interested in abortion bu...

A:If we start with wars, it's not really the church's role to take part in heavy politics between different countries but more to be there and help the people who...Read More »

abortion and poverty

Abortion and poverty/social exclusion. No woman should be driven to abort her baby through poverty or social exclusion. Abortion simply allows society to get .
Forty-two percent of women obtaining abortions have incomes below 100% of the federal poverty level ($10,830 for a single woman with no children).[3].
Abortion is related to many other issues, including teenage pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy, domestic violence, unhealthy relationships and poverty.
The overall abortion rate is falling, but American women who are denied abortions carry an enormous economic burden and are more likely to .
Women who attempted to get abortions but were denied are three times as likely to fall into poverty than those whose efforts were not blocked, .
children. In short, poverty can lead to abortion, and abortion can lead to more poverty. Pope Francis has seen a deeper link between the poor and the unborn.
New research shows, yet again, the best way to prevent abortion is.of abortions are obtained by women living in or near poverty: Nearly 70 .
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Why are people surprised when Jesus was killed for saying he was the son of god?
And it happend twice to the poor b**ger! Jesus appeared in the middle of a pro-life rally outside of an abortion clinic in Orlando, Florida on 12 September, 2003. The protesters were alternately praying and chanting slogans such as "Invisible people are the easiest to kill" and "The strong...

Total regret of abortion?
Hey hun, i went through the exact same thing. truth is, you will never get over this abortion although it was probably the best thing to do. Do what i did, go to a counsellor, it definitely helps. Your young and healthy, plenty time for children. remember, everything happens for a reason, don't...

Abortion, causing breast cancer?
Ladyhawkeye is quite right- the leaflets you read were nonsense put out by the church to discourage abortion. The link Danielle gives is excellent. And you are right to describe the church's tactics as 'stooping so low'. The supposed link between abortion and breast cancer is a myth- junk...

DOES US NEED ABORTION for population control or is it unjust and needs end?
Abortion is birth control, not population control. Yes,,,it is unjust and needs end. Top 10 liberal reasons to have an abortion: 10. So you can have irresponsible unprotected sex without consequences. 9. Because it is better for the baby to be aborted then to live on welfare. 8. To provide...

What does the Church say about abortion?
What church the church says about anything is completely beside the point. WHAT THE bIBLE SAYS IS WHAT MATTERS. And when you ask what the church says, we out here will have to ask you what church are you talking about? Just because it is named a "church" does not mean it goes by what the Bible...