Q: Is abortion minority population control?

A:Yes. The CDC compiles statistics on who has abortions. I looked up one year (2000) and here is what is says: Of the legal abortions in 47 states (didn't have go...Read More »

Q: Is Abortion murder or population control?

A:Both. Okay that's a bit unfair. Legally abortion is not considered murder in that you won't go to jail for it. It's only called murder by those who are trying t...Read More »

Q: Is Abortion a method of population control?

A:In countries where thwy allowed the government to control it liek China it is.Read More »

Q: Abortion - Choice, Population Control, or Murder?

A:Click on Thumbnail for larger view: "I stood at the doctor's side and watched him perform a partial-birth abortion on a woman who was six months pregnant. The b...Read More »

Q: How to Control Deer Populations.

A:1. Get rid of any plants that deer find tasty. If there is no food in your landscape, deer will stop coming. Deer eat different things at different times of yea...Read More »

abortion and population control

The UNFPA has been implicated in China s coercive abortion population control policies. Advocates for population control and abortion approve of China.
Role of abortion in control of global population growth. Mumford SD, Kessel E. No nation desirous of reducing its growth rate to 1% or less can expect to do so .
Copyright © 1995, 1998, Christian Research Institute, 1991, 1998, All Rights. Politically Correct Death: Answering the Arguments for Abortion Rights (Grand .
Abortion and population control. A popular argument in favour of abortion is that the. Earth is overcrowded, that current population growth is unsustainable, and .
After a moment s thought, Savage replied, “Population control. There s too many G-d d----ed people on the planet.” “You know, I m pro-choice, .
Dan Savage, the world famous cultural leftist, says he believes there should be mandatory abortion to reduce human population. From the CNS .
Control. Someone has it. And, too often, it s not you. We live in a culture that has disdain for self-control, unfortunately allowing all kinds of .
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Pregnant 3 weeks after abortion?
It sounds like you need to be more careful. Even though you are on the pill you are supposed to use a condom with it for the first month so your pill can take effect and you still be protected. Its too soon to tell if you are pregnant, you may just be experiencing side effects from the operation...

Why are Abortion Rates 3 Times Higher Among Blacks than Other Americans?
because the are 3 times more likely to get drunk and pregnant. I really have to say, I have friends of many different races,but I have never known a black woman who is married to the father of her kids.

ABORTION ISSUE????????????
First, If you don't like Abortions, then either have responcile sex or just don't get one. Second, After a Rape? This is where My rights definatly Stop, at the point of my nose. This other person is just screwy!

How much does an abortion cost without health insurance?
My friend got one in Illiinois. She had the abortion where she took pills to end her pregnancy. I remember her saying something about it costing her $400.

The anti-abortion arguments are..?
Actually, the second and third argument are the most important: calling it a "cluster of cell" demonstrate how little you know about embryology. Of course, although I'm in favor of abortion under such circumstances- I consider disrespectful to opine (either in favor or against it) if you have...