Q: Abortion and politics...?

A:It is cruel and unusual punishment toward the most Innocent of life.Read More »

Q: Abortion in politics.?

A:Nothing. They don't want abortion to go away. They'd have nothing to run on. Most conservatives don't give a damn about unborn babies. If they really cared abou...Read More »

Q: What is the best way to handle abortion politically?

A:I'm pro-life. We can talk about how we're going to vote and what we're going to do, and so many people are activists. Far too often it's about Democrats and Rep...Read More »

Q: What Political Party Favors Abortion?

A:No one. favors. abortion. There are parties that support pro-choice which means they support a woman's choice to go through a pregnancy or not, access to sexual...Read More »

Q: What are the political views on abortion?

A:The practical answer is that abortion per se should very rarely be necessary, certainly not in the numbers we have today. Knowledge, and availability of contrac...Read More »

abortion and politics

Over the last forty years, abortion has frequently taken center stage in American politics – as it did once again in 2012. This may seem only natural for an issue .
[edit]. Politics refers to the processes, defined and limited through legal documents, by which decisions (laws) are made in .
Abortion has emerged as an issue in the 2012 presidential race, following Missouri GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin s controversial comments .
The result of the Court s superseding of this process has been that abortion has become a national political issue. Initially, the abortion issue .
Abortion politics are threatening to derail bipartisan agreements to fight human trafficking, fix Medicare and appoint a new attorney general.
There are many issues to analyze and consider in every election. As important as knowing the issues is understanding how they are related to one another.
Political issues on abortion are very controversial but largely include a woman s right to choose or the child s right to life otherwise classified as pro choice and .
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How are anti-swearing laws in Virginia Beach constitutional?
/ These are strange times... The first "Right" our forefathers called for, is the "right to life". How is "Abortion" constitutional. Enforcing health care making it "mandatory: is unconstitutional. The government taking over private industry is unconstitutional as well.

Do you support right to abortion in the impending age of designer babies and DNA testing?
I support a woman's right to choose abortion for any reason she deems suitable. It is not my place to force a woman to continue a pregnancy against her will or tell her her reasons aren't good enough. We have apparently been on the brink of this impending age of designer babies for decades...

Non-surgical abortion pill RU 486 ?
RU486 can be used to induce abortion in pregnancies that are about nine weeks or less. A successful pregnancy needs high levels of the hormone progesterone. RU486 works by blocking the action of progesterone. The result is a miscarriage with the accompanying side effects, but no long term reductions...

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Ontario Sexual Health Awareness Centre of Planned Parenthood Hamilton 20 Hughson Street South, Suite 611 Hamilton, ON L8N 2A1 Tel: (905) 528-3009 Fax: (905) 528-4702 E-mail: Planned Parenthood North Shore P.O. Box 842, 15 Hudson Street Blind River, ON P0R 1B0 Tel:...

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Nicki Minaj has a song called "Autobiography" where she sings about how hard it was to abort her child and hopes maybe she can meet her someday "if it's part of God's plan." But that's a song lyric, and lyrics are not always true. Nicki has not confirmed or denied in any interview whether the...