Q: Abortion and politics...?

A:It is cruel and unusual punishment toward the most Innocent of life.Read More »

Q: Abortion in politics.?

A:Nothing. They don't want abortion to go away. They'd have nothing to run on. Most conservatives don't give a damn about unborn babies. If they really cared abou...Read More »

Q: What is the best way to handle abortion politically?

A:I'm pro-life. We can talk about how we're going to vote and what we're going to do, and so many people are activists. Far too often it's about Democrats and Rep...Read More »

Q: What Political Party Favors Abortion?

A:No one. favors. abortion. There are parties that support pro-choice which means they support a woman's choice to go through a pregnancy or not, access to sexual...Read More »

Q: What are the political views on abortion?

A:The practical answer is that abortion per se should very rarely be necessary, certainly not in the numbers we have today. Knowledge, and availability of contrac...Read More »

abortion and politics

Over the last forty years, abortion has frequently taken center stage in American politics – as it did once again in 2012. This may seem only natural for an issue .
[edit]. Politics refers to the processes, defined and limited through legal documents, by which decisions (laws) are made in .
Abortion has emerged as an issue in the 2012 presidential race, following Missouri GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin s controversial comments .
The result of the Court s superseding of this process has been that abortion has become a national political issue. Initially, the abortion issue .
Abortion politics are threatening to derail bipartisan agreements to fight human trafficking, fix Medicare and appoint a new attorney general.
There are many issues to analyze and consider in every election. As important as knowing the issues is understanding how they are related to one another.
Political issues on abortion are very controversial but largely include a woman s right to choose or the child s right to life otherwise classified as pro choice and .
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10 weeks pregnant and thinking about abortion.?
I was 17 years old and I got an abortion at 7 weeks. Although I don't regret my, I still think about that baby every single day. Deep inside I believe it was going to be a girl, so when I think about that baby, I think about a beautiful girl... I now have a son, and he is my world! He puts...

Abortion pill?
There is a morning after pill. This pill is to be taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex, or taken if the condom broke. The abortion pill is something different. This is taken within a certain amt of weeks when u are pregnant.

Misoprostol used for medical abortion?
Yes, you have the option of receiving misoprostol instead of going through a surgical procedure. Misoprostol in Obstetrics and Gynaecology - Clinical Guidelines - Dosages and Such Missed abortion (0-12 weeks) 800mcg vaginal 3-hrly or sublingual 600mcg 3-hourly Give 2 doses and leave to work...

Medical Abortion (pills) vs In-Clinic Abortion (surgical)?
Medical Pros- *Can happen in the privacy of your own home *Can have a loved one there *More like a miscarriage, more natural *No chance of scar tissue since no instruments are used only pills *Mostly cheaper than a surgical Cons- *Happens outside of the medical establishment *Can cause nausea/diarrhea...

How do people not feel guilty about abortion?
i dont agree with abortions at all, (unless you have been raped, or there is something seriously wrong with baby or the mother). if you aint ready for a baby, dont get pregnant, use contreception, simple as that. i dont think you should get pregnant, dont want it, and say 'ok, lets just put...