Q: Will outlawing abortions result in overpopulation?

A:It didn't last time, like with making drugs, gambling, prostitution, or alcohol illegal, it just offers organized crime a new source of income. Where there is d...Read More »

Q: Atheists, how does abortion correlate to overpopulation?

A:Are you a woman? If not, your opinion about abortion doesn't matter. Sorry!Read More »

Q: Is Abortion a solution to the problem of overpopulation?

A:no. because it was illegal in the human race. you might kill a fetus inside your body and you may kill your self in aborting a baby in your tummy.Read More »

Q: Should forced abortions be carried out in overpopulated countries...

A:look how overpopulaterd africa is. surely poor people can not afford to raise kids. taxpayers must pay more taxes to support parasites.Read More »

Q: When will the US be deemed "overpopulated?" And would this affect...

A:Not in next hundred years or more. The level of U.S. farm output in 2009 was 170 percent above its level in 1948, growing at an average annual rate of 1.63 perc...Read More »

abortion and overpopulation

Six people just survived the sinking of an ocean vessel. Afloat in a lifeboat with only enough water for five are a doctor, a carpenter, a nurse, a blind elderly .
World Overpopulation Awareness is a non-profit web publication seeking to inform.Most doctors and most women do not consider this abortion because .
Instead, the issues involve the cessation of the use of food as a political instrument by violent governments, dramatic improvements in the .
In 2012, a mind-numbing 46 million women around the planet chose abortion rather than bringing a child into the world.
Pro-Abortion Activists Overpopulation Myths Not Science-Based But Fear-Driven , and for Profit.January 7, 2015 - 3:32 PM .
Abortion - The truth about abortion and those who oppose it.Overpopulation is our biggest threat to this planet and will be the issue of the 21st century.
Abortion and Overpopulation. September 14, 1995. In her Sept. 6 commentary, " The Ultimate Sexual Degradation," Katherine Dowling comes tantalizingly close, .
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What are the specifications of abortions in NJ?
No, your boyfriend can't give consent it has to be a parent or guardian. Have you considered carrying the baby to term and placing it up for adoption? There are many families that would love to adopt. This would be a loving act, love for your child and the adoptive parents. Please take the...

History of african americans?
By sabotage, by the induced abortion of their own children, by rebelling, by targeted assassination of particularly noxious slave-owners, by fleeing, by propaganda (autobiographies of those who had experienced slavery and escaped had begun to be published in the second half of the 18th century)...

China's one child policy????
China's one child policy resulted in an increased number of abortions (both legally and illegally) in families. it also caused an increased number of infanticides, as parents tried to adhere to the policy. a gender imbalance came about as parents often left baby girls to die as it was lucky...

Isn't allowing abortion for rape victims, but not out of choice contradictory?
While I am pro-choice and agree that unwanted pregnancy is a violation of a woman and forced pregnancy is traumatic, I don't think anybody can claim that it is similar in severity to that of a woman with a pregnancy resulting from rape- this is where the difference lies. 31% of rape victims...

What are your views on the European Court of Human Rights decision on Ireland's Abortion Law?
I am pro-choice so I don't agree with this ruling. Yes, I'm ready for the thumbs down but I could really care less. There are exceptions to everything. What if this child is slowly killing the mother? Now the mother is needlessly killed. What if this woman is raped? Does she really want...