Q: Why SHOULD parents sign a consent for abortions for minors?

A:i have a debate and i'm for parents signing a consent for abortion but i don't have any facts to back it up im not saying i'm for abortions . i just need ...Read More »

Q: Does anyone know about Abortions for minors?

A:If you are nine and pregnant, your parents can force you to have an abortion...but they would have the devil of a time finding a doctor to do it. If you are say...Read More »

Q: Does Alabama have a law on parents forcing abortion with minor?

A:There is no law in any state requiring you to abort a minor.Read More »

Q: What are maine's abortion laws regarding minors?

A:Maine Restrictions on Young Women's Access to Abortion Mainelaw restricts young women's access to abortion. Is the law enforceable? Yes. Who is considered a min...Read More »

Q: What are the abortion laws regarding minors in california?

A:'Not legal advice'. In California minors can obtain an abortion without parental consent.Read More »

abortion and minors

Parental Involvement in Minors Abortions. BACKGROUND: A majority of states require parental involvement in a minor s decision to have an abortion. Most of .
Many jurisdictions have laws applying to minors and abortion. These parental involvement laws require that one or more parents consent or be informed before .
Abortion Access for Minors - Parental Notification Forms - Planned Parenthood - Southwest and Central Florida.
Based on a national survey of more than 1,500 unmarried minors having abortions in states without parental involvement laws, 61% of young women discussed .
Subject: A.2560/Reilich. AN ACT to amend the public health law and the family court act, in relation to notice of abortions performed on unemancipated minors.
This comprehensive analysis of data regarding abortions performed on minors ( age 15, -years-old) from nearly all 50 states between .
California: A Minor s Right to Confidential Abortion. California minors have a constitutionally protected right to consent to abortion and to keep their reproductive .
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