Q: Abortion and my mental health?

A:Truth is there is nothing wrong with abortion. To become a doctor a Med student has to perform abortions. Only religious people base their BS on nothing more th...Read More »

Q: Did you know you can have a late term abortion for Mental health ...

A:People always rationalize to justify acts like abortion, which is MURDER no matter how you attempt to spin it. NO law of man can supersede the law of GOD. This ...Read More »

Q: Does Abortion Cause Mental Health Problems?

A:Due to the inherent complexity of human psychological health outcomes, such as depression and suicidal behavior, identification of a single, precise causal agen...Read More »

Q: How to Promote Mental Health.

A:1. Target your interventions to a specific audience. If your audience is college students, research which disorders are most common in that population. If your ...Read More »

Q: What Is Mental Health Care?

A:Forms of mental health care date as far back as early Egyptian society. The Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal states that in 2900 B.C. Egyptians used herbs t...Read More »

abortion and mental health

The relationship between induced abortion and mental health is an area of political controversy. Major medical bodies have found that induced abortions do not .
Most antiabortion activists oppose abortion for moral and religious reasons. In their effort to win broader public support and legitimacy, however, antiabortion .
The American Psychological Association (APA) formed the Task Force on Mental Health and Abortion to examine the scientific research addressing mental .
Report of the Task Force on. Mental Health and Abortion. Washington, DC: Author. Retrieved from pdf.
Scientific evidence re mental health issues and abortions later in pregnancy. See note re terms "later abortion," "late abortion," "late-term abortion."
There is a large body of international research which demonstrates that abortion carries risks of mental health problems. Interestingly abortion is sometimes .
This analysis is an extension of an earlier study that examined the links between abortion and mental health in the same birth cohort.
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