Q: Abortion and Men?

A:You are absolutely correct. Sorry to be a yes (wo)man. I do have an addition. There are court cases going on right now in which men are trying to "opt out" of b...Read More »

Q: How Abortion Affects Men

A:In a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, men whose partners had an abortion talk about their feelings of loss and powerlessness. Jason Baier's fiancee had ...Read More »

Q: Abortion and Men?

A:The only abortion I ever had was because the doctor-prescribed birth control failed (which it does in a certain % of cases). I was dating two different men, nei...Read More »

Q: Is abortion mens operation?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. No it's the womans.Read More »

Q: How Hard Do Abortions Hit Men?

A:In August, the American Psychological Association released a major report that shows a single elective abortion does not increase a woman's risk of developing m...Read More »

abortion and men

When people think about the role of men in abortion, it seems that they usually think about the stereotype of the man who forces the abortion or the male who .
It is astonishing that although abortion has been legal in the United States for almost 40 years very little has been written for or about the many millions of men .
The following stories originally appeared in a men s journal written at the clinic. We urge you to tell others your story too. We want to hear it.
There is precious little research into the male experience of abortion- Google mostly coughs up pro-life fear-mongering sites about men .
How Abortion Affects American Men. Little has been researched or written about how abortion affects the fathers of aborted babies. This is one researcher s view .
Abortion information for men. Bpas explores some of the key issues facing men whose partners are considering abortion.
Men and Abortion. Abortion has many victims, and one of them is the father of the child. The laws of the United States do not acknowledge the right a father to .
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People against abortions. Please read these statistics and share your views?
Its sad but i still think its murder and i dnt think ppl should do it but if they didnt ppl especially teens would get desperate and harm themselves trying to abort, I read an article that showed ppl would insert sharp objects in the vagina or douche with bleach to kill the fetus and in turn...

Do you agree that the spirit of abortion is the spirit of the idol molech that people sacrificed their childrn?
Totally, completely and utterly disagree with you. You choose to believe in YOUR god, he is only 1 in about 3,000 gods that people believe in. Why should I even consider comparing two gods that I could care less about let alone believe in? You need serious debugging and deprogramming. Damned...

Introduction to my essay on Abortion ?
For a strong introduction you only ever need a maximum of three sentences. You first sentence should basically repeat the question. So, for example, if the question was "Is abortion right or wrong? Discuss." Your first sentence should be something along the lines of "In this essay, I will be...

How can anyone justify abortion in lieu of the adoption option?
You do seem like a know it all. I would never have an abortion, but I say that now, who knows about what I will feel if I was in the situation where I felt as though I was unable to bring a child into this world. For me however I know I would NEVER opt for adoption, regardless of my situation...

Do you believe my 30 year old daughter should get partial birth abortion at 22 weeks along?
After carrying the child for 22 weeks, if she now decides she doesnt want the child- there are plenty of couples out there who want nothing more in the world but to have a baby. Rather than take away a life, why not give life- not only to the baby, but to a family? If the abortion is for medical...