abortion and infanticide

MICHAEL TOOLEY. Abortion and Infanticide.This essay deals with the question of the morality of abortion and in- fanticide. The fundamental ethical objection .
The above quote is taken from The Problem of Abortion, an important anthology of articles for anyone with an interest in this particular moral issue. In this paper, I .
[W]e propose to call this practice after-birth abortion , rather than infanticide, to emphasize that the moral status of the individual killed is .
Tooley s Abortion and Infanticide.A common argument against abortion:. .(1).Every person has a right to life.(2).The fetus is a .
Infanticide is the unlawful killing of very young children. It is found in both indigenous and sophisticated cultures around the world.
Abortion and Infanticide Paperback – November 7, 1985. by Michael Tooley ( Author). 2 customer reviews. ISBN-13: 978-0198249160 ISBN-10: 0198249160 .
Abortion proponents like to paint pro-lifers as extremists who go to great lengths to take away the rights of women. However, many of these .
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Actually, Im all for people limiting the amount of children they have, furthermore, I feel that it is within the realm of the gov't to mandate limits when the general population is at risk. Because overpopulation causes enviromental destruction I think abortion should be legalized everywhere...

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I personally don't believe in fetal personhood, so I don't agree with the statement that "somebody dies", but that's a perfectly fine and valid belief to have, too . . . just one I don't happen to share. What I do really like about the quote is that it acknowledges that unintended/unwanted...

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heather s is getting an abortion...why would she know about this stuff?

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