abortion and infanticide

MICHAEL TOOLEY. Abortion and Infanticide.This essay deals with the question of the morality of abortion and in- fanticide. The fundamental ethical objection .
The above quote is taken from The Problem of Abortion, an important anthology of articles for anyone with an interest in this particular moral issue. In this paper, I .
[W]e propose to call this practice after-birth abortion , rather than infanticide, to emphasize that the moral status of the individual killed is .
Tooley s Abortion and Infanticide.A common argument against abortion:. .(1).Every person has a right to life.(2).The fetus is a .
Infanticide is the unlawful killing of very young children. It is found in both indigenous and sophisticated cultures around the world.
Abortion and Infanticide Paperback – November 7, 1985. by Michael Tooley ( Author). 2 customer reviews. ISBN-13: 978-0198249160 ISBN-10: 0198249160 .
Abortion proponents like to paint pro-lifers as extremists who go to great lengths to take away the rights of women. However, many of these .
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I Just had a abortion like a week ago. and now im clear discharge is that normal.?
After an abortion, some bleeding, spotting, and discharge is common. If you experience very heavy bleeding or any kind of pain, you should seek medical care. For information typically given as aftercare instructions after an abortion: Good luck to...

Brownish orange discharge ?
Brownish discharge is actually quite common. It is often leftover blood from your period that hadn't been drained immediately from the body. If this still bothers you, consult your doctor.

Does anyone know of any online books/articles about abortion that I might be able to use for an essay?
Yes, there are many sites about that aspects. Granted, most of the time you will get religious views mixed in, considering most who create those sites do so because they're against abortion for moral and religious reason. I suggest looking for sites on "crisis pregnancies" and "unwanted pregnancies"...

People who are against abortion and birth control..!!!?
I am against abortion and also birth control pills, IUDs etc. The reason people are against birth control is because birth control pills that effect the hormones in a woman's body, work in 3 ways. First to stop you from ovulating. Second by make the mucous in your vagina very thick in case...

Is Republican, John Flemming to stupid to lead?
All sorts of people fall victim to The Onion. Republicans aren't the only group by * any * stretch. --- added --- Even the article in your link admits they aren't sure if the indignation was a product of a staffer or Fleming himself. I didn't even know who Fleming was prior to seeing this...