abortion and infanticide

MICHAEL TOOLEY. Abortion and Infanticide.This essay deals with the question of the morality of abortion and in- fanticide. The fundamental ethical objection .
The above quote is taken from The Problem of Abortion, an important anthology of articles for anyone with an interest in this particular moral issue. In this paper, I .
[W]e propose to call this practice after-birth abortion , rather than infanticide, to emphasize that the moral status of the individual killed is .
Tooley s Abortion and Infanticide.A common argument against abortion:. .(1).Every person has a right to life.(2).The fetus is a .
Infanticide is the unlawful killing of very young children. It is found in both indigenous and sophisticated cultures around the world.
Abortion and Infanticide Paperback – November 7, 1985. by Michael Tooley ( Author). 2 customer reviews. ISBN-13: 978-0198249160 ISBN-10: 0198249160 .
Abortion proponents like to paint pro-lifers as extremists who go to great lengths to take away the rights of women. However, many of these .
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Should abortion become illegal or stay legal?
You want us to do your homework for you? Or a flame war? Here is my view -- you would not find it anywhere... Not only should abortion be perfectly legal, it should remain legal for the parents to kill their child for SOME time after birth too. Surely, I am not going to encourage such behavior...

In Canada, What year did it become legal to have abortions?
It actually never became legal, it just stopped being illegal. The Supreme Court ruled in 1988 that sections of the abortion law violated a woman's section 7 Charter Rights, making the law unconstitutional. The Supreme Court didn't outright rule on the constitutionality of abortion, just on...

What are your peoples opinions on abortion?
i think that it is wrong.....i'm in a situation where most people would def. consider abortion, and i'm not doing it. God knows us before we are formed in the womb. as far as birth control goes....that is a form of abortion as well...if there is conception while taking birth control it keeps...

Teenage abortion.........?
The Herbal Method . . . . For the brave and those who really want control over their fertility. *The first, is using certain herbs to induce miscarriage, also called herbal abortion. It is not a sure way to terminate pregnancy, and seems to work about 40-45% of...

What is the latest you can have an abortion in ga?
General Rules and Regulations of the Law: Only a physician licensed by the State of Georgia to practice medicine and surgery may perform an abortion. GA Code 16-12-141. • After the first trimester: No abortion can be performed after the first trimester unless the abortion is performed in...