Q: Are abortions a health risk?

A:No. Abortions are considered safe today. Legal ones that is, done by medical professionals. There is no lingering effect so after it's done everything is back t...Read More »

Q: Is abortion wrong health wise?

A:There is a very small chance of infertility from an abortion. It's extremely rare. But every single health procedure can carry risks. The chance of infertility ...Read More »

Q: Paying for abortions with health insurance?

A:She needs to call her insurance company to see if that is a covered expense and do so quickly, she may not be covered after the first trimester except in an eme...Read More »

Q: Will Abortion Derail Health Care Reform?

A:The Senate moves closer to a vote on health care reform, groups argue over presidential appointments, and the Family Research Council issues a correction. Tobin...Read More »

Q: What may be the impacts of abortion on health after 16th week of ...

A:None of you had it done by a proper doctor and followed his advice on how to take care of yourself afterwards.Read More »

abortion and health

It will also tell you about the medical risks for abortion, pregnancy, and childbirth. .because their pregnancy might threaten the woman s life or her health or her .
This study will examine long-term effects of abortion on women s health and the importance of "informed consent" for women considering .
Do you know where most Americans stand on abortion?.who currently works for the reproductive health organization Advocates for Youth, .
Unintended pregnancy is the root cause of most abortions. Source: Singh S et al., Abortion Worldwide: A Decade of Uneven Progress, New York: Guttmacher .
No clinical procedure is entirely risk free, but abortion poses few risks to a woman s physical health, particularly when carried out during the first 12 weeks of .
It is important to talk to a health professional as well as the doctor who will perform your abortion about possible side effects. Your period should return about 4 .
Planned Parenthood Pregnancy Options: Thinking About Abortion.Most women look to their husbands, partners, families, health care providers, clergy, .
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If I may, I would like to share an experience with you, and get your thoughts on it?
That's a great story... but no one that is pro-choice here will see it as such. But... what you've done is plant a seed in their minds, if they read your entire story. The fact that the woman responsible for Roe v Wade is now also staunchly pro-life is because of someone like you in her life...

8 reasons abortion should be illegal,?
Top 10 liberal reasons to have an abortion: 10. Because I forgot my condoms at school. 9. Because it is better for the baby to be aborted then to live on welfare. 8. Because the cure for AIDs will be found in the rain forest, and not by an aborted fetus. 7. So I don't have to tell my...

Who made up the idea that choose = abortion?
In 1980 Geraldine Ferraro was the first (that I remember) to say the she was not pro abortion but she was pro choice. As time went on we learned that pro choice meant nothing but pro abortion. The pro choice crowd only supports the choice to have an abortion when it comes to "surprise" pregnancies...

Why does america insist on hiding the very harmful side effects of abortion and homosexuality?
Any "harm" is to the person him/herself. It is not harmful to my next door neighbors, my boss, my senator, or my third cousin twice removed if I have an abortion or if I were a lesbian. The way that these two issues ARE harmful to society is how they polarize us and put us on very angry sides...

Can abortion be used as a birth control?
well, this question alone contradicts itself. "birth control" is what is used to prevent a pregnancy (before), abortions are to terminate a pregnancy that's already happened (after). they are on opposite sides of the event, so no, technically speaking, abortion can't be considered birth control...