Q: Abortion and God?

A:I believe you are well intentioned, but god doesn't have a 'plan' for everyone. That is your 1st world mentality. If you were in the 3rd world, you would see th...Read More »

Q: Is a miscarriage an abortion from God?

A:miscarriage is nature's way of releasing a child when there is something wrong. Like the information for it to grow and be viable is not there for some reason. ...Read More »

Q: How many abortions has God created?

A:None. God does not "create" abortions. Nor does He create appendectomies, heart transplants, etc.Read More »

Q: What religious groups believe abortion is playing God?

A:I'm not sure what you mean by "playing God" but, I know that most Christians STRONGLY disagree with abortion because it is like killing a baby.Read More »

Q: Why do Christians moan on about abortion when God is the biggest ...

A:It seems very foolish to me that Christians complain about abortion when more children die due to miscarriage or childhood illness. Maybe you should pray for yo...Read More »

abortion and god

However, there are numerous teachings in Scripture that make it abundantly clear what God s view of abortion is. Jeremiah 1:5 tells us that God knows us before .
It s a question many women have. If you are asking this question, you already know that God views abortion as a sin--as murder in fact. So the question is, what .
By 1975, over 1,000,000 babies were being aborted in the United States. Today, about 1,500,000.Abortion Attempts To Destroy A Work of God. "I know that .
The Biblical God is NOT pro-life, he advocates child murder, infanticide, child abuse and abortion: I see so many retarded ass Christians talking about abortion .
The Bible and abortion: Christian Bible verses show that a fetus in the womb is a living baby, and that murder is a sin. Scriptures also offer God s forgiveness for .
Examines the Bible for answers to related to abortion issues.God sometimes even prepares them for a specific calling (Rom. 9:11- Judges 13:3-5- Jer. 1:5- Gal .
Maybe you were a Christian when you had your abortion, knew it was wrong at the.Justification is God s legal declaration upon a sinner in which the sinner is .
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Any information on the abortion process?
Check Planned Parenthood's website for accurate information. With all surgical procedures there's risk of infection and complications. Abortions are actually fairly low risk since almost none with use general anesthesia, aspirations tend to be lower risk than D&Cs, and for early pregnancies...

What would be the aftermath if abortion became illegal in the United States?
1. The punishment would be imprisonment in a federal prison. Aside from the fact that there will be an increase in back-alley and unsafe abortions, there will be an increase in the population of women and mothers in prison. This will put a strain on existing child-protective services, social...

Articles on how abortion ISNT THAT BAD?
its bloody simple. loads of people have SENSE and when they get pregnant too young they got rid of it so as not to ruin their lives and have a child before they even know how. if more people were for abortions the world would be a better place

Are there any fake abortion clinic in Texas?
Texas sound like a pretty backward place. Is this place so against human rights and free speech. Go Women rights

What are some at home methods of abortion?
Do not do a home abortion. That is how most young girls died in the past. It can lead to infections and scarring and blood poisoning. On top of that, you may not be able to have kids in the future. Go to your GP and tell them to refer you to an abortion clinic, which has a qualified nurse to...