Q: Is abortion and gay marriage.........?

A:The world isn't heating up (if you're referring to global warming) -- there isn't any proof of it. And the economy, well, it's been known since the establishmen...Read More »

Q: T abortion or gay marriage legal?

A:Well, if there is seperation of church and state then why is the government involved in religion at all? Also, when talking about gay marriage, people don't ask...Read More »

Q: Are there any atheists against abortion, and gay marriage?

A:I am an atheist, I have no problem with Gay marriage, I do think abortion is murder but it is also legal. I see abortion as a single issue when I vote not the o...Read More »

Q: What are expert opinions on Barack Obama on abortion and gay marr... > Wiki Answers > Categories > History Politics and Society > History > United States History > US Presidents > Barack Obama > What are expert opinio...Read More »

Q: Where do you stand on issues like abortion and gay marriage?

A:The issue of abortion is a very sensitive one and it's an important issue. I look at from a perspective of, what's the best that we can do. As we elect a Republ...Read More »

abortion and gay marriage

“On the surface, abortion and same-sex marriage may seem unrelated,” Schaerr acknowledged in a post on the Heritage Foundation Web site .
3 hours ago . A group of 100 conservative lawyers and academics recently filed a Supreme Court brief arguing that gay marriage will cause 900,000 .
3 days ago . On the surface, abortion and same-sex marriage may seem unrelated. However, as explained in an amicus brief of 100 scholars of marriage, .
1 day ago . Same-sex marriage is unlikely to produce anything like the social divisions associated with abortion.
To my mind, it has always seemed perfectly consistent to support gay marriage but oppose abortion. I don t personally agree with the distinction .
1 day ago . Same-sex marriage is a less divisive issue in America today because culture has grown to accept it, instead of the Supreme Court leading the .
He s best known for his short-lived marriage to Pamela Anderson and cashing in on the rap-rock phase.
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How much do medical abortions cost?
I'm sorry but I'm in newzealand so I'm not sure of cost, but I'm just replying to tell you not to listen to the ppl who reply with the usual abortion is murder taunts. If you are in very early pregnancy and you are unable to emmotionally and/or physically care for, and take on the responsibility...

Abortion and Anxiety..?
It is because your body still has all of the pregnancy hormones in it, that will make you pee more. I also have anxiety, it has been a little while since I had mine but I do remember having more anxiety than before, I believe it is because of the increased hormones also. The leg cramps are...

After a MEDICAL abortion I was told by the clinic it was ok to use tampons after 24-48h but I am worried after reading otherwise...??? Info?
buffalo ny: if you lost your postoperative instructions you should call the clinic for your specific instructions. in the meantime, this may not apply to you, but see the link for Houston's instructions quoted here in part: "CLIENT CARE AND INSTRUCTIONS * You may resume normal physical activities...

What are the signs and symptoms of an incomplete abortion? a continued pregnancy? thank you.?
Excessive bleeding, passing body parts, fever stomach cramps, flu like symptoms! If in doubt go back to the clinic or drop in at you docs, this can be fatal

Who made up the idea that choose = abortion?
In 1980 Geraldine Ferraro was the first (that I remember) to say the she was not pro abortion but she was pro choice. As time went on we learned that pro choice meant nothing but pro abortion. The pro choice crowd only supports the choice to have an abortion when it comes to "surprise" pregnancies...