Q: Can abortion affect future pregnancy?

A:Not physically unless you get complications. They are the same as with childbirth but abortions are safer. There's not a bigger risk for miscarriage etc.Read More »

Q: Can an abortion effect future pregnancies?

A:Hello, Mel, I am so sorry you made such a permanent decision that you now regret. This makes me very sad. Right now, it is important to try to heal emotionally ...Read More »

Q: Does abortion effect future pregnancies ?

A:I shouldn't do. these days abortions are carried out professionally. Many years ago before abortion was legal it was often carried out by all sorts of dodgy ama...Read More »

Q: Does Abortion complicate future pregnancies?

A:Yes, studies have shown that having an induced abortion might put a woman at risk for fertility problems and difficulties carrying a baby to full term. Some wom...Read More »

Q: Do multiple abortions prevent future pregnancy?

A:No. Most certainly not. The only thing that can prevent pregnancy in a healthy human female is either A) hormones or surgery that prevents the release of an egg...Read More »

abortion and future pregnancy

Generally, abortion isn t thought to cause fertility issues or complications in subsequent pregnancies. However, some research suggests a .
It s unlikely that having an abortion in the UK will affect your fertility. However, if you become pregnant in the future, you may have a slightly increased risk of .
Find out if having undergone an abortion could affect your ability to conceive.
I got an abortion when I wuz 17 because I wuz confused at da time about not having a baby and wat every1 else wud say..So it wuz hard 4 me .
WEDNESDAY, Aug. 15 (HealthDay News) -- A medical abortion is unlikely to affect a woman s future reproductive health, a new study reports. The research .
It s very unlikely that a past termination, if it was straightforward, will affect your chances of getting pregnant. Most women who have had a termination go on to .
The effect of pregnancy termination on future reproduction. Atrash HK, Hogue CJ. A variety of conditions have been anecdotally ascribed to induced abortion, .
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The law changed in 2005 to require parental notification...not consent. Only one parent has to be notified. So, if the paperwork is filled out before the procedure, someone else can drive the patient to the clinic. There are exceptions to parental notification- BUT, that requires a judicial...

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For the advocates: I would probably start out with general question, like "Why are you pro-choice/pro-life?" Maybe ask if anything in the life has contributed to their opinions. Here are some other possible questions: 1-Do you feel abortion is a human rights issue or a womens rights issue...

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As far as I know from the research I've done, this was a more "popular" way to abort your child when abortions were illegal. They would have the back alley abortions, as they called them. Someone, who clearly wasn't a doctor, would help you abort your child or you might do it yourself. They...

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