Q: Induced abortion and future fertility.

A:Hello, siya, Please know that I am not a doctor. I am simply someone who has talked to a lot of women and done a lot of research. Are you currently using any bi...Read More »

Q: Will an abortion affect future fertility?

A:The answer is possibly, although highly unlikely. If one of the above complications occur, there is an increased likelihood of infertility in the future. Howeve...Read More »

Q: Does an early surgical/aspiration abortion have an effect on futu...

A:We do not perform an abortion under 4 weeks. That means there is no visible pregnancy. If you have one under 4 weeks, it is necessary to perform blood tests. ...Read More »

Q: Can an abortion create problems with fertility in the future when...

A:The bottom line is that when an abortion has been conducted; legally, safely, professionally and providing there are no complications arising from it, there is ...Read More »

Q: Does the number of abortions make you less fertile in the future?

A:Yes. So does any kind of surgery, such as c-sections or D&Cs (done after a miscarriage) In fact, the number of pregnancies you have make you less fertile as wel...Read More »

abortion and future fertility

It s unlikely that having an abortion in the UK will affect your fertility. However, if you become pregnant in the future, you may have a slightly increased risk of .
Many advocates of abortion deny that there is a link between abortion and future infertility, except when the abortion is illegal. There is usually a qualifer, .
A variety of conditions have been anecdotally ascribed to induced abortion,.of the literature on the risks of impaired future fertility due to induced abortion, .
Find out if having undergone an abortion could affect your ability to conceive. Find out whether you re fertile while breastfeeding. Do you need birth control if .
Generally, abortion isn t thought to cause fertility issues or.If you ve had an abortion and are concerned about the possible impact on a future .
15 (HealthDay News) -- A medical abortion is unlikely to affect a woman s future reproductive health, a new study reports. The research, which appears in the .
Fear of future infertility from a third abortion has been cited as one of the many reasons that Joan may have decided to keep the baby.
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