Q: Abortion and Euthanasia?

A:I have two adopted children. One was the product of a 15 and 16-year old child. The other one was the product of a 46 and 47-year old man and woman, (both marri...Read More »

Q: Is abortion considered euthanasia?

A:No. Euthanasia is performed on someone who is born and is the putting to death of a terminally ill or severely debilitated person either through omission (e.g. ...Read More »

Q: Abortion and Euthanasia, yes or no ?

A:okay, here goes nothing. heres my stance: im for abortion. first of all, nobody has the right to tell a woman what to do with her pregnancy, whether to keep it ...Read More »

Q: Abortion and euthanasia: was Virginia Ironside right?

A:Agony aunt Virginia Ironside's views on euthanasia and abortion shocked many viewers of the BBC's Sunday Morning Live. But, argues Zoe Williams, she has a valid...Read More »

Q: What are quakers beliefs on abortion and euthanasia?

A:Every thing that lives is Holy, all life is sacred. Human Beings are the Incarnation of God. To take life for any reason is wrong, we have not got the right or ...Read More »

abortion and euthanasia

The abortion / euthanasia connection talked of by opponents to both rests on two contentions. First, both are judged to be morally wrong. Second, both are .
Abortion and Euthanasia. Abortion. About forty years ago some countries began allowing abortions to be performed legally. Then in 1973, abortion was .
The validity of the double effect doctrine is examined in euthanasia and abortion. In these two situations killing is a method of treatment. It is argued that the .
The Euthanasia/Abortion Connection. Frederica Mathewes-Green. Print this page - Email this page ·- Twitter ·- Facebook ·- Bookmark and Share. On June 4, 1990, .
Agony aunt Virginia Ironside s views on euthanasia and abortion shocked many viewers of the BBC s Sunday Morning Live. But, argues Zoe .
The debate is necessary, but a thread running throughout is counterproductive: Namely, the linking of euthanasia to abortion by prominent .
on the themes of Abortion and Euthanasia. The Second Vatican Council, in a passage which retains all its relevance today, forcefully condemned a number of .
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If men had babies would there be more drive through abortion centers than McDonald's in Texas.?
LMFAO!! I think so Billy!! Men need to stay out of woman's issues. We can handle it I swear!!

What are Obama's views on abortion?
Contrary to what Mommanuk said, Obama is personally responsible for the Born Alive Baby Protection NOT passing as a senator in Illinois. He claims that he refused to vote on it because the language was different from the Federal bill but as Chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee...

OMG!! i just saw this 3 min. video about abortion made me cry!?
I think that BABY that is alive in utero looks like my little boy who is a month old, only smaller... I think that if we can say abortion is murder then nothing can justify it-not how the baby is conceived, not the mother's life circumstances, nothing. The fact that we can see what is going...

If a woman has 20 abortions in her life, but then begs God's forgiveness, will she be forgiven?
This past Sunday we had a watchtower study about forgiveness. It is a great article. You will probably find it helpful and interesting. Jehovah God is merciful and loves us. If we are truly sorry for our sins and repent, He will forgive us. Here is...

At home abortion methods?
You think home abortion or failed abortion isn't disturbing? Coat-hanger or similar, throwing oneself down the stairs or onto the corner of a piece of furniture, paying someone to beat you up, extraction (commonly used in the 70's), poisoning oneself, douching with bleach or another harmful...