Q: What is the difference between abortion and eugenics?

A:isnt that sweet. someone comparing the torturing, experimentation on and murdering of actual human beings to a woman terminating the development of a lungless b...Read More »

Q: How do abortions and eugenics go together?

A:People who support eugenics might favor abortions for pregnancies which have less than desirable genetic traits. For example, Hitler would be in favor of Jewish...Read More »

Q: Why do Conservatives think abortion, suicide, eugenics and euthan...

A:Gosh... I happen to think I have just as much rights as my attacker. Who are they to decide what I can keep or whether I have a right as a woman to say NO to a ...Read More »

Q: Is abortion a form of eugenics?

A:If you see a large number of a particular group, such as a particular socio-economic class, then it can be. If say the lower and poorer income class started abo...Read More »

Q: Is abortion a form of eugenics?

A:We make the darker-skinned folk poor. Then we offer a way to not spend what little money they have on yet more mouths to feed. Voila! The statistical majority o...Read More »

abortion and eugenics

Alleges a connection between modern legalized abortion and the specter of eugenics, and argues for eugenics roots of the pro-abortion movement.
Sanger is a frequent target of criticism by opponents of abortion and has also been criticized for supporting eugenics, but remains an iconic figure in the .
The Negro Project is a devastating eugenic stain on the history of Planned parenthood.Board of Education (1954) and the pro-abortion Roe v. Wade " rights" .
The real Margaret Sanger espoused sinister motives for advancing birth control and abortion: she fully endorsed eugenics for the betterment of .
Eugenics is “a science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human mating).and the National Council of Negro Women are radically pro-abortion.).
A new blood test could zero out the disabled unborn in the 21st century.
Find out what other people are saying about the relationship between abortion and Eugenics. Give your thoughts about this issue.
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If a minor does not need parental consent for an abortion, can they be required to inform parents?
The school might get in trouble for letting the student leave campus without parental consent (unless the parent agreed ahead of time) only because the health clinic inside the school wasn't the same clinic that performed the abortion. The abortion clinic is under no legal obligation to inform...

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In general, carrying full term or childbirth is more risky than having an abortion. You have much greater of a chance that the presence of the fetus can cause something to go wrong in your own body. Abortion is safer in that it has a lower mortality rate - when perfomed legally and safely...