Q: Abortion with endometriosis ?

A:Endometriosis doesn't guarantee problems with fertility, I conceived with endometriosis when I was on the pill as well! Also, it depends on what kind of abortio...Read More »

Q: Will an abortion reduce endometriosis?

A:From personal experience - no.Read More »

Q: Will an abortion reduce endometriosis?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. From personal experience - no.Read More »

Q: Can an abortion cause endometriosis?

A:I don't see why you'd be concerned about infertility, seeing as you didn't bother to rectify your methods of birth control after the first unwanted pregnancy. M...Read More »

Q: Endometriosis and abortion.

A:Dear Tracey, Sorry for the late reply. I'd actually typed out a response the day I first received this question, but apparantly there was a blip in the system a...Read More »

abortion and endometriosis

Endometritis occurs inside the uterus. Neither disease is associated with abortion .Elizabeth Bruce is brave to speak out about the disease!
Abortion in GENERAL is 10 times safer than childbirth, so in any event it. Anyway, she has endometriosis and cervical displasia and we were .
Women with infertility of 1-5 years duration after an abortion, have had women and some experts also believe that uterine fibroids, endometriosis, .
Mayo Clinic Under Fire for Playing Down Abortion-Infertility Link.telling patients that abortion does not cause infertility due to endometriosis, .
Abortion may cause Endometriosis directly, but luckily the cases are rare. However, cases of abortion causing endometriosis indirectly are .
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the ability of endometrial thickness after medical abortion to predict the need for subsequent dilatation and curettage (D&C).
Int J Fertil. 1987 Sep-Oct-32(5):366-8. Spontaneous abortion rate in patients with endometriosis treated with progesterone. Check JH(1), Chase JS, Nowroozi K, .
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If a women tested positive in pregnancy and later missed abortion and after brown discharged what causes?
I can't really understand what you are asking. But bleeding and brown vaginal discharge is normal after a missed miscarriage. Sometimes the embryo stops developing in the womb and it takes your body time to adjust to the changes and eventually leading to a miscarriage (spotting that leads to...

Which song should I use for my pro choice presentation on abortion?
Song - Lyrics - Lost Women Song by Ani DiFranco A most excellent pro-chocie anthem. ~Pro-Choice Momma- Have had an abortion and I have a 17 month old daughter . I believe in protecting my daughter's choice...

Can someone help me with my persuasive speech on abortion!!!!?
You might need to hone in more accurately on what you mean by 'pro choice'. For instance, pro choice does not necessarily mean pro abortion. I believe abortion is wrong , but I also believe in the right to choose because I do not believe you can legislate morality. So within the above sentences...

Getting pregnant after an abortion and depo?
According to studies and Guttmacher Institute, "Abortions performed in the first trimester pose virtually no long-term risk of such problems as infertility, ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) or birth defect, and little or no risk of preterm or low-birth-weight deliveries...

Does God forgive an abortion that I regret and have remorse over,?
God forgives before you even ask. Your heart and intentions are known. It sounds like you have to forgive yourself. You did what you believed was right for you and your twins at the time. Say goodbye to your lost child don't let anyone tell you it is a sin and you are horrible or that it...