Q: Would you Abort a Down Syndrome Fetus?

A:It really depends. We can see, with modern imaging, if the fetus has heart defects, which is often the case with trisomy 21. These defects can be severe enough ...Read More »

Q: Would you Abort a Down Syndrome Fetus?

A:Retarded huh? This is the kind of respect you give to those with challenges? And YOUR trying to scold some of us as religious zealots? How about looking in the ...Read More »

Q: Would you abort a down syndrome baby?

A:i would keep it. no matter what its my child. my mother was told my sister was mental challenged and she kept it then when she had her found out she was perfect...Read More »

Q: Would you abort a Down Syndrome tested child?

A:I wouldn't, I know Down Syndrome would be difficult to deal with, but by no means the worst thing that ever happened to somebody.Most people who I have been aro...Read More »

Q: What percentage of parents abort known down syndrome fetuses?

A:Some say 90% choose to abort bc of down syndrome.Read More »

abortion and down syndrome

As the prenatal testing landscape changes, the debate over abortion and Down syndrome has become increasingly fraught. In Gillian Relf.
GOP bill would make Ohio first state to ban abortion based on fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome.
A mother of a 47-year-old child with Down s Syndrome would like to turn back time and abort him. Because of the constant care and .
About 92% of pregnancies in Europe with a diagnosis of Down syndrome are terminated. In the United States, termination rates .
Ohio Right to Life is pushing for the state to ban abortions sought because the fetus possibly has Down syndrome or has been diagnosed with .
In this month s federal and state legislative anti-abortion frenzy, it takes a lot for a bill to stand out, but Indiana state senator Travis Holdman has .
Woman: Aborting My Baby With Down Syndrome Was the Best Thing.abortion after finding out she was carrying a baby with Down syndrome.
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