Q: Abortion and Depression?

A:But pro-life lawmakers insist that growing anecdotal reports suggest that women may suffer severe emotional trauma after abortions. "Women have the right to kno...Read More »

Q: Can abortion cause depression?

A:Most definitely. Any trauma or severe illness can cause a temporary depression. You are grieving for your lost baby, whether you wanted that child or not. It's ...Read More »

Q: Abortion and Depression Is There a Link?

A:Oct. 31, 2005 -- New research challenges the idea that having an abortion raises a woman's long-term risk of depression. Abortion opponents have long argued tha...Read More »

Q: Forced abortion... total depression... help?

A:If you were advised by competent medical authorities that terminating your pregnancy would save YOUR life, you have done nothing wrong! While many people believ...Read More »

Q: Miscarriage after an abortion. Major depression.?

A:"What to do ?" I don't know/care about your relationship - I just know that you should be more responsible for preventing unwanted pregnancies.Read More »

abortion and depression

How to understand abortion grief as separate from political and legal.A common effect of disenfranchised grief is depression, manifesting itself in small periods .
Some women who have abortions feel peaceful about their decision beforehand, ."PASS" is different from normal feelings of loss and depression immediately .
Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS) is a term that has been used to describe the. This is due to the guilt and depression hindering the mother s ability to bond with .
There are some factors which are known to contribute to the risk of depression after abortion, including having a history of depression, anxiety or panic.
This page has yet to be updated with the latest medical research linking Depression to Abortion. Controversy exists about whether abortion or childbirth is .
Your abortion experience may be fairly recent, or it may have occurred more. Buried grief may result in depression, anxiety, and re-experiencing the trauma.
He told her the decision was up to her, but if she wanted an abortion, he would pay for it.What s wrong with her that she feels so depressed about it?
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Does any-one know of an abortion providor in Springfield, MO? No opinions please!!?
Honey-- Be careful about accepting recommendations from strangers here. They may not have your best interests at heart. I think your first stop should be at Plannned Parenthood, which can probably give you good referrals. Planned Parenthood 626 E Battlefield St Springfield, MO 65807 (417) 883-3800...

Um...aren't abortion clinic bombings a very rare happening?
Think you're right, abortion clinic bombings have dropped off. Perhaps people are preoccupied with other things, like wars or domestic terrorism or other such things that affect them more directly. Personally I always wondered how someone who calls themselves "the right to life", could set...

Who performs an abortion?
A specially trained nurse for early medical abortions using one tablet taken orally then 2 days later using 4 that are inserted vaginally (up to 9 weeks pregnant) For early surgical abortion (vaccum aspiration) there is a specially trained doctor needed to perform the surgery where the pregnancy...

Do you believe abortion is killing a life?
when you can get pregnant and carry a child and care for a child then you can have an opinion.....there are many valid reasons why women have abortions .....

I would like to get an abortion pill?
If you need free counseling while you are making your decision (they respect your decision whatever it is): There is funding available - either through donations to clinics or low (or no) interest loans for a clinical abortion. Going to a clinic is safer and more effective...