Q: Abortion a crime or not?

A:Procreation is an ongoing process which can be interrupted at any point, right from not having sex in the first place, through contraception, and drugs which pr...Read More »

Q: Why is abortion a crime?

A:It's not in most states, excepting partial birth abortions. It is a crime because people think it is immoral, ending a life. The reason that partial birth abort...Read More »

Q: Did Legalized Abortion Lower Crime?

A:This paper examines the relationship between the legalization of abortion and subsequent decreases in crime. In a current study, researchers estimate that the l...Read More »

Q: Does Abortion Prevent Crime?

A:E-mail debates of newsworthy topics. Does Abortion Prevent Crime? In recent weeks there has been a lot of media coverage of a paper John Donohue and I recently ...Read More »

Q: Does Abortion Prevent Crime?

A:E-mail debates of newsworthy topics. Does Abortion Prevent Crime? I suspect that both the readers who have stuck it out with us this far and the professors at H...Read More »

abortion and crime

The effect of legalized abortion on crime (sometimes referred to as the Donohue- Levitt hypothesis) is the theory that legal abortion reduces crime. Proponents of . 1972 Rockefeller Commission on. - Donohue and Levitt study - See also
1) Five states legalized abortion three years before Roe v. Wade. Crime started falling three years earlier in these states, with property crime .
Crime began to fall roughly eighteen years after abortion legalization.any influence of a change in abortion would impact crime cumulatively as succes-.
third, and the rates for all violent crime and In fact, the authors estimate that the number property crime were each down by around of abortions and the .
ABORTION cuts crime. That claim—first demonstrated by John Donohue, of Yale Law School, and Steven Levitt, of the University of Chicago, .
This theme still resonates strongly with many people today. The best-known study of the abortion-crime connection was performed by John J.
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Is it normal to pass heavy blood clots 2 weeks after a medical abortion?
If you think that the intercourse may have made you bleed more, you should see a doctor. But it can still be the remainings of the tissues in wich the fetus was growing. When i had an abortion, i bled during 4 weeks, its different for every one. Still, if you feel something is anormal, visit...

What are the new york state abortion laws?
I doubt that ANY state has laws concerning sex-selective abortion. Here is a summary... That is for NY. Nothing REQUIRES any dr. to consent to perform an abortion, meaning, it is unlikely a Dr. would do an abortion for solely this reason.

Twin abortion?
Yes, it's called selective abortion. Most women can carry twins without serious complications so this is done more commonly in women with carrying 3 or more babies. Usually they were getting fertility treatments and had several eggs "take." The embryos which are not growing as well are the...

Abortion Pill at plan parenthood?
Like the above poster said, no she can not. In Ohio, at 17 you would need one parents consent. However if you can't do this you can ask Planned Parenthood for a lawyers number to go to court and get a judicial bypass. This is something stating by a judge you can go ahead with the abortion without...

Are the anti abortion groups in the US that advocate violence classed as terrorist groups by US law?
The FBI is the primary U.S. law enforcement agency dealing with domestic terrorism. Right now, the only anti-choice extremists that I am aware of on their list is the Army of God, although Operation Rescue may come under closer watch soon. Most of the domestic terror groups that the FBI is...