Q: Abortion or contraception?

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Q: Abortion or Contraception, What's your preference.

A:Things have escalated to that state. but contraception was not legal, nor was abortion before 1965. There wasn't a massive overflow, as you predict would happen...Read More »

Q: Abortion and contraception survey?

A:1. does the government have the right to legalize or illegalize abortion in the United States? Yes, they certainly have the right and the power. I think it's a ...Read More »

Q: How do you feel about the "conscience clause" for abortion and co...

A:Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said President Barack Obama supports existing federal laws that prevent federally funded health care provi...Read More »

Q: Abortion & Contraception: What if They Really Were Private?

A:Abortion & Contraception: What if They Really Were Private? Thursday September 21, 2006. Both abortion and contraception take place in a semi-public manner beca...Read More »

abortion and contraception

Many in the pro-life movement are reluctant to make a connection between contraception and abortion. They insist that these are two very different acts — that .
This page compares the issues of contraception and abortion, which are sometimes treated as the same thing.
CONTEXT: The relationship between levels of contraceptive use and the incidence of induced abortion continues to provoke heated discussion, with some .
Discussion of how emergency contraception do not cause an abortion.
Until 1930, every mainline Protestant church opposed both contraception and abortion. After the Anglicans accepted contraception in their Resolution 15, .
It is a medical fact that the morning-after pill (a high dosage of the birth control pill ) and most if not all birth control drugs and devices including the intrauterine .
Everyone writes about abortion and contraception: doctors, authors, and do- gooders, fighters, poets, song wrinters, lawyers, scientists, housewives, natural .
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HELP: Sex selective abortion.......????????
YAP International: CRY International Some names are included in this article : "Barbara Miller coined the phrase “The Endangered Sex.” Amartya Sen used the phrase “Missing Women...

Is this a common reason to support Abortion among Liberals?
Abortion is good enough for for those liberal babies, and other babies...but not MINE ! The world would greatly miss my 5 children.

Why all anti abortion pictures misleading?
Yep. And usually late(r)-term procedures, rather than early abortions: I would caution, however, that instillation abortions such as saline abortions are neither illegal nor do they "never" happen: instillation accounts for 0.8 percent of abortions...

Could someone help me on this Abortion Topic? (Jarvis Thomson, Mary Anne Warren, Pope John Paul II)?
Catholics believe that from the moment of conception until natural death, each human being is endowed by God with dignity and rights. Therefore abortion is viewed as the murder of an innocent and defenseless human being. You shall not kill. (Ex 20:13- cf. Deut 5:17) Before I formed you in the...

Where can my girlfriend get an ABORTION in Cleveland, Ohio?
This is the number for the Planned Parenthood in your city: 216.851.1880. They don't have abortion services there, but they do abortion referral so they can tell you places in the area that do preform abortions. It looks like the only Planned Parenthood location that will preform abortions...