Q: Abortion, causing breast cancer?

A:Ladyhawkeye is quite right; the leaflets you read were nonsense put out by the church to discourage abortion. The link Danielle gives is excellent. And you are ...Read More »

Q: Is there a link between abortion and breast cancer?

A:Absolutely yes. See:……Read More »

Q: A Link Between Abortions and Breast Cancer?

A:A woman is 30 percent more likely to develop breast cancer if she has had an abortion, according to a new study in the October Journal of Epidemiology and Commu...Read More »

Q: Can abortion raise breast cancer risk?

A:The rising rate of abortions will lead to a sharp increase in breast cancer cases, says a study. Its discovery of an apparent link between terminations and canc...Read More »

Q: Is abortion a leading cause of breast cancer? abortion/breast can...

A:No, not in itself. It is true that early and many pregnancies offer a certain protection against breast cancer, but apart from a possible absence of pregnancies...Read More »

abortion and breast cancer

Abortion and breast cancer are both topics that can bring out strong feelings in people. But is there a link between them? Find out what the .
Large collection of material about evidence linking abortion to increased breast cancer risk, including reports claiming cover-ups by expert panels and .
The abortion–breast cancer hypothesis posits that having an induced abortion can increase the risk of getting breast cancer. This hypothesis is at odds with .
“These new studies out of India NUKE the Abortion-Breast-Cancer deniers,” Brent Rooney told me gleefully. “They simply NUKE them!” Looking .
Does abortion cause breast cancer? Read the research that clearly shows no relation between abortion and breast cancer, and that abortion does not increase .
Undaunted by the absence of compelling evidence associating abortion with a woman s risk of developing breast cancer, opponents of safe and legal abortion .
In spite of these statistics, many women are being kept in the dark about a preventable risk factor of breast cancer: abortion. Due to the politics surrounding .
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Is the USA becoming more anti abortion?
I honestly don't know, I think there has always been people that have had views on both sides of the fence. I personally think it's very wrong, but I'm not going to force my views on somebody else. I don't think whether on not the person being raped, victim of incest, whatever really matter...

Why should or shouldn't abortion be legalized?
First, let me begin by saying I don't believe anyone is "for" abortion. I do believe we should all be for allowing women to make their own choices in their personal lives with little or no government interference. Life isn't always black and white as some would like to see it. There are always...

Are there any documented cases of women having multiple abortions?
multiple abortions at once or multiple abortions spread out? There was a woman who wrote a book ( I can't think of her name right now) Who had 9 abortions then became a Christian and turned pro-life, so I guess that could be 'documented' since she wrote about it?

Can you get an abortion without there being a fetus ?
A fetus is the product of conception and the purpose of abortion is to rid the uterus of the fetus, there can not be an abortion without a fetus. If your friends continue to doubt I suggest the following videos. Abortion is big business some doctors will perform abortions up to 6 months and...

What is Post Abortion Syndrome in your opinion and is it real?
yes it's real it's the depression and remorse one feels after terminating a life google it and you'll find plenty of articles. my friend went through that a year and a half ago, and she still feels bad from time to time. i'd suggest adoption, it's much easier to deal with than abortion