Q: Is there a Breast Cancer / Abortion link?

A:According to every LEGITIMATE cancer research organization in the country, IT'S NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!! There are a number of reasons why you may have developed canc...Read More »

Q: What do you think of the abortion-breast cancer link? If it is pr...

A:Does rape count as irresponsible sex? And anyone who has personal experience of an abortion would know the trauma, pain, nausea that goes with it, and the overw...Read More »

Q: A Link Between Abortions and Breast Cancer?

A:A woman is 30 percent more likely to develop breast cancer if she has had an abortion, according to a new study in the October Journal of Epidemiology and Commu...Read More »

Q: If abortion is so clearly linked to breast cancer, why do so few ...

A:Studies in the last ten years showing little or no association between breast cancer and abortion have so many flaws that they prompted Dr. Edward Furton, staff...Read More »

Q: How Breast & Prostate Cancer are Linked to an Iodine Problem.

A:In the 1820s, iodine was used successfully to treat infections. After World War II, iodine use for its therapeutic effect was stopped due to a report based on a...Read More »

abortion and breast cancer link

Abortion and breast cancer are both topics that can bring out strong feelings in people. But is there a link between them? Find out what the .
Rush Limbaugh: Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Is Irrefutable Newsletter. Abortion and Breast Cancer: The Link that Won t Go Away Newsletter - July 23, 2007
National Cancer Institute: Abortion, Miscarriage, and Breast."Breast cancer and the politics of abortion in the United States".
“These new studies out of India NUKE the Abortion-Breast-Cancer deniers,” Brent Rooney told me gleefully. “They simply NUKE them!” Looking .
In spite of these statistics, many women are being kept in the dark about a preventable risk factor of breast cancer: abortion. Due to the politics surrounding .
Some case-control studies have suggested abortion may increase the risk of breast cancer. However, the design of case-control studies makes the accuracy of .
Undaunted by the absence of compelling evidence associating abortion with a woman s risk of developing breast cancer, opponents of safe and legal abortion .
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