Q: Abortion or Adoption?

A:If I was putting the baby out for adoption I would want to know the family and make sure nothing bad would ever happen to my baby, but if I couldn't then I woul...Read More »

Q: Abortion or adoption?

A:There are three choices ~ Parenting, abortion or adoption. Parent if you really want to parent. Abortion if you don't want to parent. Adoption if you try parent...Read More »

Q: Abortion or Adoption?

A:Not always so cut and dried. Plus, a surprising percentage of women have had abortions that never tell anyone or turn around and condemn or judge those thinking...Read More »

Q: Abortion or Adoption?

A:Update 2: Someone answered to me as I am white. True but the child I am currently more The better option depends on the person/people & the circumstance...Read More »

Q: Which is cheater abortion or adoption?

A:Do you by any chance mean cheaper? Abortion cost from around $500 and adoption should not cost you anything if the parents pay for the health care. It depends i...Read More »

abortion and adoption

There is only one adoption for every 149 abortions performed. If the facts about adoption were better understood, there would be more women happy with their .
There are three main paths: parenting, abortion or adoption. American Adoptions has gathered some information for you to review that may guide you in making .
They just knew that they couldn t parent a child—and, without the ability to access an abortion, adoption was their last resort. It s also worth .
Learn more about the choices available when facing an unplanned pregnancy, including raising the baby, adoption, and abortion, in this patient education FAQ.
affect your life at all. Others have consequences you must deal with the rest of your life. Choosing between abortion or adoption can be the decision of a lifetime .
Striving to find the "middle ground" on abortion -- that is, coming up with ways acceptable to pro-choice and pro-life Americans alike to reduce the number of .
Adoption is the kind, loving choice for everyone involved.Countless women in the U.S. choose abortion over adoption for their unborn babies .
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Approximately how many abortions are there in a year?
Number of abortions per year: Approximately 42 Million Number of abortions per day: Approximately 115,000 Where abortions occur: 83% of all abortions are obtained in developing countries and 17% occur in developed countries. UNITED STATES Number of abortions per year: 1.37 Million (1996) Number...

Getting Pregnant?
Your friend should have no trouble getting pregnant after an abortion. Has she tried charting her cycles so she can pin-point when she is ovulating? She can do this by taking her temperature every morning (search for basal body temperature) - when she is ovulating her temperature will rise...

Abortion essay...?
I would start with the history of abortion, how it was done in past centuries and then address past and current attitudes towards it, including attitudes derived from religious ideals. Then address the legal side and then look at medical risks /mental effects and also you could include methods...

Susan g komen ?gives to abortion rights?
I've been involved with the Komen foundation for about 7 years now, and I have never heard about support for abortion rights. Their research in the area of stem cells is directed specifically toward finding a cure for breast cancer. I am a survivor, and I donate and raise money for this foundation...

Anybody take the abortion pill?
I had had the abortion pill last Tuesday. You have to make two trips to the clinic, blood pressure is done, and a scan to make sure there is something there. After taking the first tablet, they ask you to come back after either 6hrs,24hrs or 48hrs. On the second visit, you can still change...