Q: What do you think about self-induced abortion with veterinary cow...

A:Yasmine, I'm sorry for what you have been through. I don't judge you as I do not know you nor the specifics of your situation. The information above is very ups...Read More »

Q: M do a research assignment on abortion (pregnancy termination) an...

A:1) Abortion is an issue for some people because of the moral questions. Some people feel like they are killing something alive, so they may not want to, or they...Read More »

Q: What Are the Causes of Stress Among Teenagers?

A:Teenagers are just as familiar with stress as adults. In addition to academic pressures, sports, and school activities, teens also deal with pressures about sex...Read More »

Q: What Are the Causes of Stress Among Teenagers?

A:Causes Pressure triggers that may cause stress in the life a teenager include school, future career, home and relationships. School creates academic and future-...Read More »

Q: What are the advantages of teenage abortions?

A:Same as for adults; finish school, don't get on welfare, less unwanted children in the system that never get adopted etc.Read More »

abortion among teenagers

The abortion rate among teens ages 15 to 19 declined by 64 percent between . Among both older and younger teens, abortion rates have been .
There are many facts and statistics when it comes to abortion. Learn some of the most staggering stats from Choices Pregnancy.
Teenage abortion statistics often correlate with unplanned teen pregnancy rates. This article contains stats and facts about teen pregnancy and abortion.
In the United States, teenage women accounted for less than 17 percent of all abortions.Does Abortion Occur More Frequently among Adults or Teens?
Are you IN THE KNOW? TEENS. The term “teens” refers to 15–19-year-olds, unless otherwise specified. Abortion Among Teens. What proportion of all U.S. .
In 2010, some 614000 pregnancies occurred among teenage women.and the teen abortion rate declined 66% between its 1988 peak and .
A look at the reasons why teens choose abortion, and the role that parental. kept their babies were the subject of gossip and pity among students and parents .
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Your thoughts on partial birth abortion?
Partial birth abortion, if done only because the mother decides at the last minute, she doesn't want the baby is murder. I'm a nurse and can tell you they're fully formed, look like babies, are almost completely developed and having done my time in the nursery, where they go to be wrapped,...

I need the names of more slipknot songs...?
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Info on Abortion?
Personally I dont believe in abortion... I mean you & your bf had sexual intercourse and now because you are taking a consequence of it you want to kill an innocent baby. I would suggest adoption, simply because there are so many people out there that cannot have kids & want them... you...

Abortion what is the law on it?
24 weeks is the cutoff. Abortion The law in England, Wales and Scotland says that you can have an abortion in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy as long as certain rules are met. You will be able to get an abortion on the NHS if you get the agreement of two doctors. They must be certain that the...

If Radical Fundementalist Muslims are called terrorists, shouldn't Knoxville shooter be called Terrorist?
He should, though I don't think that will happen anytime soon. For the record, I believe he was mentally ill, but "terrorist" & "mentally ill" are not mutually exclusive.