Q: Why the Abortion Amendment is Good for America

A:The "abortion amendment" was recently defeated in the Senate by a 54-45 vote, but what did it do? Was it just useless legislation or helpful to the American peo...Read More »

Q: What do you think of Huckabee's proposal banning abortion amendme...

A:He's trying to stake out the far-right religious extremists for their support. Good luck to him on that. If he becomes the nominee, that should be enough to sin...Read More »

Q: Abortion amendment 6 in FL: what is the medical privacy issue ref...

A:I would suggest searching "Florida privacy law" or "Florida medical privacy law"Read More »

Q: To which group did the Mormons donate 2 million dollars in Califo...

A:The Mormon church doesn't donate to political campaigns, nor is there an abortion amendment in the works in any state right now. Individual members of the Churc...Read More »

Q: What amendment legalizes abortion?

A:It's covered in the Bill of rights, rights to privacy, as the US Supreme Court interpreted it.Read More »

abortion amendments

Wade, that denied states the authority to prohibit abortion. All of these amendment proposals seek to overturn Roe v. Wade, but most of them go further by .
Abortion.—In Roe v. Wade,557 the Court established a right of personal privacy .the Court summarily announced that the "Fourteenth Amendment s concept of .
In the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, the Supreme Court ruled that abortion is constitutional, based on Ninth Amendment and 14th Amendment rights.
Abortion and Privacy story and analysis by PhD and Masters students from Stanford, Harvard,.informed by the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Ninth Amendments.
The people retain the right through their elected state representatives and state senators to enact, amend, or repeal statutes regarding abortion, .
The Tennessee Legislative Powers Regarding Abortion, Amendment 1 was on the November 4, 2014 ballot in the state of Tennessee as a legislatively-referred .
NASHVILLE — The legal battle continues over Tennessee s Amendment 1, with opponents of the abortion measure calling the election process .
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Statistics in America of: Why women have abortions.........?
Some pregnancies result in the mother's death. If that can be avoided by an abortion, then it is permissable.

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I have a better idea. Get the abortion and go to Darfur if that's what you really want to do. Then come home, complete your education, spend some time on your own career, marry a nice young man who wants a family, and either adopt or have children of your own. If you're not ready to have...

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No, use a vacuum cleaner or a flight of stairs.

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Why is this so important to you? If you kill a pregnant woman, you can get charged for it. I don't live in the New York area. But soon abortion will be illegal. If a girl doesn't want the baby they should keep their legs closed. I don't feel sorry for the ones that decided to have sex. A fetus...

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I'll presume this is for a thesis..... I found the above info online, nothing to do with my own personal opinion. Dosage: Standard Decoction (root): Simmer 5-15., 1-4 Tbsp., 3-4 times a day. Standard Tincture: 1/4 – 1 tsp., 3-4 times a day. http://sisterzeus...