Q: How to Find Abortion Alternatives in Texas

A:Visit your city or town's website to find local, non-profit family counseling. Most of the larger cities in Texas maintain a directory of abortion alternatives....Read More »

Q: What are 3 alternatives for abortions?

A:One is plan b.Read More »

Q: What is the best alternative to abortion?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. There only is 2 alternatives; abort or give birth. If you choose give birth ther...Read More »

Q: What are other alternatives for abortions?

A:There are no ways to end a pregnancy short of abortion or birth. Safe andRead More »

Q: What would be your alternative to abortion?

A:There are no other options I can think of in this presesnt day, apart from adoption. If the mother is definitely against having her child or unfit to have her c...Read More »

abortion alternative

Information and resources that explain alternatives to abortion including various parenting arrangements, interim foster care, and adoption options.
Abortion Alternatives & Crisis Pregnancy Center of Bristol, Tennessee was founded in 1985 as a non-profit, interdenominational Christian ministry governed by a .
Our Center will be holding a fall fundraiser that will not only help raise money for the Center but will also help touch the lives of some children in .
First there s the standard clinical abortion(s), there are several types available and which.Both of these alternative options must be used before the 8th week of . Herbal Abortion - Vitamin C - Self-Help - Herbal Emmenagogues - Pregnancy Test
There are Alternatives to Abortion! It s often difficult to know where to turn when you are pregnant and afraid. Well-meaning friends and acquaintances may . is a site to educate and inform expectant mothers of options other than abortion and to build an alliance of Life Houses to be a place for these .
For everyone seeking an abortion, there are alternative choices. Choices exist that consider the good of both the mother and her child. Our society as a whole .
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Shouldn't the government pay for abortions for low income women, because it would be cheaper in the long run
Yes Duh, we are stuck in this issue that has become a moral one, while we ignore the morality of bringing more unwanted children into the world (should abortion be restricted) many of whom might not be desired because the family could not afford another mouth to feed, (a lot of these people...

Post abortion question?! Smelly discharge?
You really should get checked to see if you have an infection. If you have a bad scent, there is something going on. You had surgical equipment inside your body. You never know what it could be. At least get it checked for peace of mind. What woman wants to smell? After my abortion I bled for...

Mifepristone/Abortion Pill/Misoprostol?
This procedure almost always works as planned. If it doesn't, then the doctor will finish the abortion. Don't you believe that god is merciful and will understand? One out of every three women have an abortion or miscarriage by the age of 45. It doesn't seem like god is shunning one-third of...

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