Q: How to Drink a Shot of Alcohol.

A:1. Choose a type of alcohol to drink. Consult with a bartender if you would like advice about what type of alcohol to drink as a shot. Purchase the alcohol. 2. ...Read More »

Q: How to Take a Shot of Alcohol.

A:1. Chill the alcohol in a refrigerator before serving. Some bars also offer chilled shot glasses. 2. Fill the shot glass to just slightly below the very top of ...Read More »

Q: What is in a abortion shot?

A:1. Mid trimester abortion by one shot administration of prostaglandin. Like inducing birth in later pregnancy. But the baby is thrown in a bin instead of a crib...Read More »

Q: How to Make Alcohol Shots

A:1 Obtain shot glasses . These are a specific size, making the drink small and concentrated. 2 Follow the measurements of the alcohol shot recipe . Some recipes ...Read More »

Q: How much is a shot of alcohol?

A:A shot of alcohol is one ounce. The size of the shot class varies.Read More »

abortion shot alcohol

A delicious recipe for Abortion, with white creme de cacao, amaretto almond. Insert a toothpick to the bottom of the shot glass and dribble some grenadine so it .
A delicious recipe for Abortion #2, with peach schnapps, Bailey s® Irish.Layer into a shot glass in the following order: peach schnapps, irish cream, grenadine.
The best recipe for a Abortion Shot alcoholic mixed drink, containing Vodka and Tabasco Sauce. Includes mixing instructions and ingredients needed for .
Mixture: 1. Pour Creme de cacao into a shot glass. 2. Layer The amaretto first then baileys to get a 3 layer drink. 3. Add grenadine so it flows through lower layers
As a Zombie and an Alcoholic, I couldn t agree more.The Abortion Shot I ve had is just a drop of Grenadine at the top and it s not mixed like .
Aborted Fetus drink recipe made with Grenadine,Irish Cream,Peach Schnapps,. .Pour peach in standard shot glass. then pour cream over a spoon for the layer .
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