Q: What is the latest time to have an abortion in Alabama?

A:United States federal law defines the latest as the point of "fetal viabaility" Additionally, Alabama also only provides for exceptions. However, the latest an ...Read More »

Q: When can you get an abortion in Alabama?

A:As soon as you find out you are pregnant and then all states allow abortion up to the third month. After that it differs between states. Call National Abortion ...Read More »

Q: How much abortion in alabama tuscaloosa cost?

A:Call this clinic for their fees (they don't post them online): More »

Q: How much is an abortion cost in Mobile,Alabama?

A:Much more than you want to spend emotionally! I am not a religious freak or anything but I have several friends and a step mother who suffer from guilt and regr...Read More »

Q: Do you need parental permission to get an abortion in alabama

A:Not legal Advice: Parental permission is required before any girl under age 18 can have an abortion!Read More »

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Abortion facts for Alabama.Abortion is a common experience: At current rates, about one in three American women will have had an abortion by the time she .
Is abortion safe? Abortion is the most common outpatient surgical procedure in the country.Medicaid will not pay for abortions in the State of Alabama.
Abortion Clinics, Pill, Facts, Cost, Information & Methods from Birmingham Center .1211 27th Place South Birmingham AL 35205 1211+27th+Place+South .
Alabama Abortion Clinics - providing medical abortion, surgical abortion, and the abortion pill.
Daily Show Shreds Alabama s Ridiculous New Abortion Law. The Huffington. Legal Challenge To Alabama Abortion Law Will Go To Trial. Reuters | Posted .
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How much does an in-clinic abortion cost in NC?
Sorry that this is so long, but please read! You're right that we don't know your situation, but whatever it may be, have you considered adoption? Whether you choose to keep the baby or let the baby grow up with another family (there are adoption options that have the full option range from...

What is the current Federal Law on abortion?
The federal law is that it's a constitutional right (Roe v Wade). All the other restrictions about trimesters and rape wands are at the state level. Google your state, there have been 400 new anti-abortion state laws passed in the last year.

Agree or Disagree the only valid reason to be anti abortion is because there is a long list of people who?
Disagree, sorry. That's only one reason, not the primary. I think it's completely barbaric. It butchers a woman's body and that is one of the primary reasons for me. While trumped as "medically safe," there are a host of complications, infections and psychological traumas a woman goes through...

Abortion in the 1800s in America: were there failures? How did they work?
In the 1800's, midwives would have mostly been in charge of that kind of stuff. How they would have dealt with it would have varied. Hard exercise lifting, riding horses, and that kind of stuff as well as herbal tea would have likely been some of the more common methods.

Need a free abortion?
I don't think you can get free abortions. Does your BF want to keep the baby, because if he does maybe you should talk it over with him first. Am not preaching, i am pro-choice. I just think that you both should talk about it first. EDIT*** I find it very interesting that you say abortion is...