Q: What are the statistics on abortion?

A:There have been 50 million babies aborted since abortion was made legal in 1973. Before that records were not kept because it was illegal. 1,3 million a year in...Read More »

Q: What is the statistics regarding abortion?

A:The statistics regarding abortion in the United States are as follows: 79% believe abortion should be legal in certain circumstances. There have been 54,559,615...Read More »

Q: What's a statistic for abortion?

A:The Center for Disease Control has many statistics on abortion.…. Source(s) I volunteer at a womens health and pregnanc...Read More »

Q: What are some abortion statistics?

A:WHO HAS ABORTIONS? • Fifty percent of U.S. women obtaining abortions are younger than 25: Women aged 20-24 obtain 33% of all abortions, and teenagers obtain 17%...Read More »

Q: What are statistics on age and marriage.

A:he median age of women in the United States at the time of their firstRead More »

abortion age statistics

About half of American women will have an unintended pregnancy, [2] and nearly 3 in 10 will have an abortion, by age 45.[3]. • The overall U.S. unintended . Induced Abortion - Graphics - Expert Statements
At least half of American women will experience an unintended pregnancy by age 45, and at 2008 abortion rates, one in 10 women will have an abortion by age .
WISQARS (Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System).The abortion rate was 13.9 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 .
Reported Legal Abortions by Age Group Within the State of Occurrence. change indicator.Ages 30-39. Ages 40 and Above.Abortion Statistics and Policies .
Statistics briefing (4): Age, marital status, previous children, and ethnicity. How does abortion relate to age? Abortion and fertility rates- Marital .
The 2011 abortion rates by state ranged from a low of 3.8 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15-44 in Mississippi (Wyoming had too few .
Annual Percent of women age 15-44 that have an abortion, 2 %.statistics on abortion ? what is an abortion ? how many abortions are perfomed yearly? what .
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Where can you go to get an abortion in san fran bay area, ca when you don't have any money?
She should say she does not have insurance but makes too much for medi-cal. Women's Options Center, (415) 206-8476, 1001 Potrero Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110 Choice Medical Group, (415) 922-6656, 2107 Ofarrell St, San Francisco, CA 94115 Women's Choice Clinic, (510) 836-5676, 570 14th St, #3...

Getting the abortion pill under 18?
2 days after sex is too early to be showing pregnancy symptoms. Most early pregnancy symptoms don't begin to show up until several weeks after sex. However, because you had sex, it's possible that she is pregnant (although not possible to tell right now) so I'll answer your question anyway...

Conservatives, if abortion were illegal should their be exceptions for rape or the mother's medical safety?
Being against abortion but allowing exceptions for rape or incest is the most non-sensical position there is. (life of the mother I get because nothing is gained by both mother and unborn child dying). I am pro-choice, so I get allowing people to make that decision for themselves. It's not...

Abortion/NuvaRing -- having complications.?
Im 23. In February 05 I had an abortion and Since then I have had the most painful periods ever... Before the operation ( I presume thats what u had?) I had no period pain at all since I was 12. I have constantly been back to the doctor , almost every month trying to find out why everytihng...

Abortion debate your opinion?
i believe in abortion and that will never change, it's the womans choice she can do as she wants and if she wants to have sex again that is up to her. It is not her fault if she gets raped or the condom breaks or whatever, she should not have to carry the child if she does not want or she is...