Q: What is the final age to abort the fetus?

A:Depending on where you live you can get up to the 7th month. But don't wait that long. I'm adding a link to where you can see what applies to your state.Read More »

Q: What is the median age of aborted fetus?

A:The median gestational age of the unborn children was 11.5 weeks, asRead More »

Q: What is the legal limit on age of fetus for abortion?

A:In the US it's 24 weeks or 20 weeks in the different states but only a few have a provider past 15 weeks.Read More »

Q: At what age should aborting a fetus be considered murder?

A:Life begins at conception. It is murder from the very beginningRead More »

Q: What is the limit to the age a fetus can be before it can legally...

A:23 weeks is generally considered theRead More »

abortion age of fetus

In England, Wales and Scotland abortion is legal up until 24 weeks of pregnancy, although most abortions are carried out much earlier than this.
In total, 24 states have adopted a variety of gestational age limits on abortion. Five states ban abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy including .
If the physician determines the gestational age of the fetus is 22 or more weeks, prior to performing an abortion upon the woman the physician shall determine if .
Histogram of abortions by gestational age in England and Wales during 2004. ( Data source: United Kingdom .
okay i would NEVER get an abortion i think if you spread your legs, its your responsibility. but this girl i know says that she s four months .
Abortion is available to a woman over the age of 16 in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy provided she has given informed consent. Women seeking an abortion .
even after fetal viability, states may not prohibit abortions “necessary to.on a rigid construct based on specific weeks of gestation or trimester.
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I think your being very responsible, you both obviously want the abortion so I think its a good idea to go through with it. I had an abortion in the past, it was the hardest decision of my life but the best decision I ever made. I do not have one regret. Unless your in the situation you cannot...

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hmm if you find one i doubt its in the US. you dont need a parent concent for abortion in the us and no one can force you to have an abortion

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keleigh, the heart of the baby starts beating at 2 weeks, not 18 you fool. Anyway, you can terminate a pregnancy being just a few weeks along, and the cost varies from place to place. If I were you I would not be getting into the middle of drama and arguing with your girlfriend's ex, who cares...

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This is what used to happen before the Supreme Court ruled that abortion should be legal. Many desperate women had this kind of abortion- many died or were maimed for life. It was horrible- and it's what the pro-lifers don't understand, that desperate women will have abortions no matter how...

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abortion pills / procedures are extremely dangerous, although the clinics would never tell you this. They can have side affects that could hospitalize you and end up costing far more than having a baby. Also, they could disable you from ever having children again, among other things. Not to...