Q: Why is Abortion against the law?

A:it isnt against the law but heres why i think its wrong if u were the baby, and ur mommy who brought u into the world wanted to have u killed, is it YOUR fault?...Read More »

Q: Why is abortion against the church teaching?

A:It is because abortion is similar to murder; and murdering is a mortal sin. It does not mean that because the fetus is unborn, it is not alive. From the moment ...Read More »

Q: Abortion: Against it or for it?

A:Nobody is "for" abortion, in the sense of saying, "Hey, let's all go out and mindlessly abort fetuses! On the other hand, a lot of people are in favor of leavin...Read More »

Q: Who is against abortion?

A:I think that the people that are against abortion are those who know the value of life. Girls or women who are thinking of doing an abortion should have thought...Read More »

Q: What organisations are against abortions?

A:There are tons of people against abortions. Most organizations base their opinions on religious views. And it depends on whether or not people believe the embry...Read More »

abortion against

Abortion is never a mere personal choice but a grave offense against God and His creation. The anti-abortion struggle has always been a religious battle and .
Many points come up in the abortion debate. Here s a look at 10 abortion arguments from both sides - 10 arguments for abortion and 10 arguments against .
“On the surface, abortion and same-sex marriage may seem unrelated,” Schaerr acknowledged in a post on the Heritage Foundation Web site .
Should abortion be legal?.abortion, more of their members believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases versus illegal in all or most cases (51% vs.
The right to abortion is less a representation of women s equality as an unwillingness of America to restructure society in support of caregiving.
This article sets out the women s rights arguments that oppose giving women an automatic right to an abortion.
Abort73 s Case Against Abortion exists to give you a better understanding of what abortion is and does. Start at the beginning, or peruse the titles and page .
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Religion and Spirutuality, what is your opinon about the Supream Court dropping the buffer zone around abortion clinics that pro-life?
I think the next thing the courts need to throw out are the presidential "free speech zones" where free speech is limited to certain small cages. I'm surprised those aren't in use around the abortion clinics.

Define Abortion and Murder...?
You answered your own question. BIRTH differentiates ending a pregnancy and smothering a baby who most likely suffered. There is a huge god damn difference. (wanted or unwanted, doesn't make a difference, fetuses feel no pain until 20th week, most abortions are done within first 12 weeks)

What's a missed abortion?
An abortion is the expulsion or removal of the products of conception. A missed abortion is when the pregnancy has died but has not yet been expelled/removed. ~Pro-Choice Momma and Midwife- Have had an abortion and I have a 19 month old daughter . I believe in protecting my daughter's choice...

Do abortion rights belong to men too?
No. Unfortunately, the man has no say whatsoever about whether a woman should or should not terminate a pregnancy. It is a woman's choice because it is her body and the embryo is not considered a child until 24 weeks gestation. If a woman wants an abortion and the man does not agree, there...

What effects (if any) have 35 years of legalized abortion had on America?
Actually, abortion has been legal for many more than 35 years. Roe v Wade sought to make abortion illegal. It was over turned. Perhaps a more apropos question would be 'What effects (if any) did birth control have on america, and my answer would be the following...The rate of education and...