Q: Had an abortion aftercare ? ?

A:you killed one child. then you were CARELESS and got pregnant AGAIN. ...i dont want to live on this planet anymore. people like you should be sterilized. not be...Read More »

Q: Had an abortion aftercare ?

A:.are you serious? you killed one child. then you were CARELESS and got pregnant AGAIN.i dont want to live on this planet anymore. people like you should be ster...Read More »

Q: Abortion pill aftercare.

A:Dear Lisa, What you are describing could be bacterial vaginosis, however this should have responded to the Flagyl. Make sure you have taken the correct dose - o...Read More »

Q: Do you find it odd that there is an abortion aftercare advertisme...

A:yahoo has no soul so no...don't find it odd at all.Read More »

abortion aftercare

After a vacuum aspiration abortion or a dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortion, you will go to a recovery area to rest. The staff will periodically .
Need advice after an abortion? Read expert abortion aftercare information from Marie Stopes, the largest UK abortion care charity. We re here for you 24/7.
If you have any concerns about your treatment or recovery, please call our 24- hour aftercare helpline to speak to a nurse on or .
After-Care Instructions. This is a version of the aftercareare instructions provided to clients following an abortion appointment.
What to Expect. You will likely recover without problems. It may take a few days to feel well. You may have cramps that feel like menstrual cramps for a few days.
Post-abortion medical check-ups and post-abortion counselling is available to women living in Ireland who have had an abortion. The counsellors and doctors .
Important aftercare information for surgical abortion patients. Everything you need to know about aftercare at home.
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Abortion at 22 weeks?
I agree. That unless you're that far along and have medical issues,you shouldn't be allowed to get them. I think you have to have medical issues to get them late term though,but I may be wrong. I don't understand how a dr could feel right about themselves about aborting a child that has a life...

Is there a connection between abortion & breast cancer?
No there isn't. The anti-abortion movement has sought unsuccessfully to prove that there's a link. For example, 'The Breast Cancer Epidemic', a study conducted by the London based Pension and Population Research Institute takes data from 8 Euripean countries and purports to establish that...

How late can you get an abortion in California?
n the US most abortions are performed during the first 14 weeks... They can be performed in some states up until 24 weeks. If you go to get an ultrasound at a clinic and they say you are to far along I would ask if they know of any place that will perform it. That is assuming of course you...

What are your point of view for the ethic murder, abortion and gay marriage?
Murder is defined as: (1) intentional murder- (2) a killing that resulted from the intent to do serious bodily injury- (3) a killing that resulted from a depraved heart or extreme recklessness- and (4) murder committed by an Accomplice during the commission of, attempt of, or flight from certain...

Is abortion allowed in islam?
Abortion in Islam may only be undertaken on medical grounds. Abortion may not be undertaken for unwanted pregnancy or unwed mothers, etcetera... Abortion is divided into two categories: Before the quickening, abortion only on medical grounds. After the quickening, that abortion is totally disallowed...