abortion aftercare instructions

After-Care Instructions. This is a version of the aftercareare instructions provided to clients following an abortion appointment.
After the abortion procedure, a stay in the recovery room includes blood pressure checks,.Please take a look at our form with after-care instructions, we have it .
Important aftercare information for surgical abortion patients.Medical Abortion with the abortion pill Mifeprex, please read the special instructions we gave you, .
Care before a surgical abortion Before a surgical abortion,your doctor will:. doctor s instructions and review what-to-expect information after a surgical abortion.
Aftercare instructions for medical abortion at Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health in Knoxville, TN. Aftercare Instructions provide detailed information.
Below is some information on what to expect after your abortion.Before leaving , you will be given a list of aftercare instructions and medications to take home .
Call Us: (720) 810-5442 | This information sheet is a summary of the instructions you will be provided following a first-trimester surgical abortion.
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